“Foxy Lady” by Jimi Hendrix is one of the rawest, most purely sexual songs ever recorded. It is about one thing, and one thing only: the unruly male desire to bed a woman. The rhythm of the song, a hard blues unlike any other, a sort of rhythmic thrusting, seems to convey the very act itself of fucking. The lyrics speak of the unquenchable thirst for sexual conquest. For a song of unbridled lust and emotion, of raw animal desire, it has no equal. Just listening to this music makes you want to fuck. I use the adjective “raw” quite a bit when describing it, because I cannot think of a better description. The niceties of civilized courtship, of romance and social restraint and propriety, have been completely stripped away in this song. Few songs have ever so successfully expressed the essence of pure sexual desire as this one.

I have always loved Hendrix’s music. Without a doubt he was the greatest rock guitarist of all time, and the fact that he died at 27, only confirms that. He was around for only a few years, but those years were, as I have suggest before, the golden age of popular music.

What is there being produced today that can even remotely compare to the greatness of this man’s music? Foxy Lady is one of his more well known songs, but there is a great variety in his all too short opus. He created sounds on a guitar that no one else has ever equaled. One of the great questions always to be asked is what would he have produced if he had lived, even just a little bit longer? We will never know.

Again, in my love for music which is passionate, powerful and full of raw energy, Hendrix was one of the best.