Candy, of course, is one the best parts of Halloween. Who of us does not remember the fun of collecting all those different pieces of candy as a kid, dumping them all over the kitchen table, and then seeing and comparing with siblings or friends what we got while trick or treating.

But as we grow up our tastes and interests change, and although I still enjoy the same candy I enjoyed as kid, as an adult my favorite type of candy to eat after Halloween, or any time of the year for that matter, is the kind that only a girl can offer. Just as in times past, a basket full of this kind of candy is delightful, and this is the sweetest candy I can possibly think of. I absolutely love it. I can eat it all, every day, night and day, over and over again, without ever feeling full or guilty or sick to my stomach. And I love eating as much of a variety of it as I can. I admit that I am a total glutton about this delicacy. I love it. I can’t get enough. It is really, the perfect candy: sweet and tender and tasty, soft and warm and juicy, no calories, nope, just pure pleasure both giving and receiving. I love the taste and feel of this candy on my lips and tongue, and I have never been with a girl who did not love the pleasure that this gave her too, which is part of the fun and joy of it all.

Of course then I have some nice candy to give to her too, but of a different sort, and there are few things more erotic than a girl who enjoys eating that kind of creamy Halloween candy. Sharing such candy with your lover is delightful indeed.