As someone with neo-pagan tendencies, I have always had a deep devotion the the figures of classical mythology. One of my favorite group of divine beings are those wonderful group of beautiful maidens, the nymphs. I have written about them before, but I never get bored of writing about them.

Today’s nymph is a Nereid. The Nereids were sea nymphs, the daughters of Nereus, fifty in all. Nereus himself was a sea god, an ancient god who could change his shape at any time in order to avoid capture. The Nereids often engaged in different and delightful activities, were a help to sailors in distress, and were worshiped frequently on islands, coasts and the mouths of rivers. They were also known, like most nymphs, for their musical and dancing skills, and could often be seen riding along the ocean on various fantastic sea creatures.

I love nymphs. The world of classical mythology, often very real to those living in those ancient times, still seems real to me. This is a photo of Nereid. It is real. Yes, the Nereids still exist, although hiding now for many centuries, fearing Christian persecution, but they are still alive and well. They will return. Such creatures cannot be forever forgotten and suppressed.  Occasionally we may see one. This photo is proof of that.