Sometimes you simply want to enjoy nothing but total and complete sexual decadence. What I love is how many girls also enjoy this, although they are often forbidden by societal pressures or personal guilt and propriety from expressing or exploring that. And yet the allure of danger is there. There are few things more delightful than helping a girl discover that part of herself, letting her explore and experience pleasures she did not even know existed.

There should always be a certain mystery and secrecy to sex. Although I like to write about sex, I also enjoy the forbidden aspects of sexual pursuits too. Being too open can break down the allure, the mystery, the thrill of seduction. You can be open with the people you know and trust, but it is still good and beneficial to maintain an air of distance and privacy in your less well known acquaintances, as well as the world at large.

There are so many people who pursue different types of sexual experiences in the world. Most of their family and friends would be shocked to find out exactly what their secret sexual lives are like. Even many spouses would be surprised to learn what their partners are up to. The bored, married housewife is not a cliche, but a real reflection of the biological nature of our sexual beings: the need for variety, to ensure enough genetic variation to protect us from disease and the other vicissitudes of life. Most studies show that most women are ready for seduction after five years of marriage or a relationship. Why? That is the time nature has ordained to produce and raise a child to the point where he or she is rather self sufficient; and now the genetic pool can be further enhanced by experiencing new genes through new sperm. Although all modern societies are designed against this pattern, for the sake of long term familial and social stability, the reality of marital affairs after a certain point in time is too strong to deny the ancient, biological power of infidelity.

There are those us who love nothing more than to enjoy such sexual realities and pleasures to the fullest extent. Sexual decadence is a nice secret of life.