A few nights ago a girl I am seeing was acting up. She was bitchy, cunty and nearly impossible to deal with. We had gone out for some entertainment, but she kept on complaining about everything, contradicting and challenging most of what I had to say, and being just generally annoying. I told her during the course of the evening that if she did not stop it, she was going to be punished when we got home. Of course that only fueled her unacceptable behavior. I knew what she was up to.

When we got home I wasted no time in disciplining her. As soon as we closed the door I told her to take off her dress. She told me no. So I took it off for her. She initially resisted, but the dress came off. Dressed now in nothing more than some lacy white panties, she knew how inviting she was to me, but she still feigned difficulty. So I told her to take her panties off. She refused. So I took them off for her. Rather, I ripped them off. As I tore the fabric of her panties, I told her that if she was good and obeyed me, I might buy her a new pair. But she had to obey me.

As I ran my hand up between her legs I told her how much she had pissed me off, and how I was now going to make sure she knew that. The wetness I found between her legs told me that was more than ready to discover how much she had irritated me. I asked her if she was going to stop acting like a bitch. She did not answer. I asked her again. Again, she did not answer. “Fine,” I said, “if that is the way you want it.” I knew that was the way she wanted it.

I then bent her over a small table. Her ass was quite inviting, and it was an ass that needed to be punished. “I am going to use my hand now. If you keep it up, I will have to use other tools of discipline.”

“Fuck you,” she protested.

“You have quite the mouth, don’t you. Well, you will have to learn.” As I said this I slapped her ass with the back of my hand, hard and stinging and she screamed. “That was only the beginning.”

“Fuck you,” she protested again.

“Well, I can see this is going to be a long session,” I told her as I again slapped her ass, this time even harder. “This is the end of our dialogue, from now on you are going to do what I tell you. Understand?” I slapped her ass again.

“Nope.” She was persistent.

“Fine,” I said as I slapped her ass again, and then again, and a few more times. She started to become quiet. Her ass began to take on a slightly pink hue

Then, to my surprise she said defiantly, “Go to hell, asshole.”

I took a deep sigh, stood back and unloosened my tie. “All right,” I said. “I can see this is going to have to be a special session tonight. You are just being too difficult right now.” And I took her by arm into my bedroom and forced her onto the bed. “You are being a total bitch tonight, and a total bitch needs to be totally punished. Do you understand?”

She did not say anything, but her expression belied her knowledge of what was about to happen. I took my tie off, pulled her hands behind her head, and tied them together. This time, there was no protest in her. I then turned her over so she was lying on her stomach. And once there, I slapped her ass. “Are you going to learn? Are you going to obey me?”

I knew, as she said nothing, that she was beginning to learn her lesson. But it was only the beginning.

“Well, if you are still not going to admit anything, then I have no other choice than to discipline you even harder.”

She was lying face down, so she did not see when I walked back to my closet, and took out the paddle she so enjoys to be punished with. When the cold wood firmly smacked the soft skin of her sweet ass, she moaned and screamed at the same time. Then I used it a second, and third time.

“Good” I said, “I can see you are now starting to learn.” I let her absorb the stinging pain for a moment, and then I massaged her sweet ass. “Now, I want you to tell me why you being such a bitch tonight.”

She was silent so I slapped her ass again with my hand. “Oh god…” she moaned.

“Are you going to tell me?”


“Yes what?” I slapped her ass again, this time with the paddle.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now why are you being such a bitch?”

“You fucked that other girl last week.”

I slapped her ass again. “You know I like to fuck different girls. So do you.”

“Yes, but she was a slut.”

I slapped her ass with my hand. “So are you. We both like fucking different people so don’t give me that shit.”

“I know. You fucked her and I hated it but it turned me on at the same time.”

I slapped her ass again. “This is the lifestyle. You know it. And you love it too.”

“Oh god, yes, I do enjoy it. Thank you, sir, for introducing it to me.”

I slapped her ass again, and at this point it was becoming quite red, and I knew she was feeling the pleasures of submission. “Now I can see you are learning your lesson. Will you be a good girl now?” As she was still lying on her stomach, I ran my hands between her legs, and slowly slid my fingers into her now soaked pussy.

“Oh god yes…” she moaned. “Yes master. I will be good. I will do what you say.”

I slowly moved my fingers in and out of her pussy, as I began kissing her ass. “Good. Now I can see you are learning to be my submissive. You will be a little slut.”

“Oh yes..” she moaned deeper. As I massaged her clitoris with my fingers, she fell deeper into a state of sexual pleasure.

“Do you love being my submissive? And my little slut?”


I slapped her ass. “Yes what?”

“Yes, sir”.

“Good.” I kissed her ass again while fingering her more vigorously. With two fingers inside her and one finger massaging her now very swollen clitoris, I knew she was enjoying her reward for finally submitting to me. And when I moved my kisses from her ass to her pussy and ran my tongue along her completely soaked lips and taut little clitoris and even her pretty asshole, it was not too long before she enjoyed her first of many orgasms.

Still lying on her stomach, her hands still tied in front of her, I stood up behind her. “Now, I am going to fuck you.” I told her.

“Oh please, master, yes, please fuck me. Fuck me as hard as you can. I want you to be my dom.”

When I entered her she screamed in pleasure. “Now this is your ultimate punishment, a good, hard and vigorous fuck.” Pounding her from behind, fingering her ass while I fucked her, she moaned and screamed and learned that she needed to be a good submissive to earn my favor. By the end of the evening, after I had untied her hands, and after we had spent many hours in delicious types of sexual pleasures, she was finally calm and fell asleep and slept through most of the next day. There are few things like the glow of a girl after she has been thoroughly disciplined by her dom, and she had that glow the next day.

But being a girl, of course she is naturally fickle and will soon enough become bitchy again and the whole cycle will be replayed, which is something we both enjoy playing.

And I did buy her some new, lacy white panties.