Ah, Fox News, what lusty thoughts you must put into your conservative viewers...

Ah, Fox News, what lusty thoughts you must put into your conservative viewers…

Ah, the babes of Fox news. I need to write more on them! Oh yes, as the Value Voters Summit is about to take place, and all those pure and holy conservative, Tea Party and Republican activists gather to discuss the Sodom and Gomorrah of modern America, it is nice to know how the official media organ of conservative, Republican Family Values presents itself. So let us take a nice look at some of the Fox News lovelies who are beamed across this great nation of ours each and every day, especially in the Bible belt, and other enclaves of GOP and Tea Party moral purity.

Such sluts! These vixens of conservatism must are surely tempting all those holy warriors of conservatism, such as Ted Cruz, with all their hussy outfits.

How dare they! Imagine, all you religious fanatics, as you love to watch Fox news, and listen to the echo chamber of conservative truth and purity, such as, for instance, that the theory of evolution is from “the depths of hell”, imagine that you will be going to hell yourself for watching such news porn as Fox, and allowing your private parts to become aroused by such images of these modern Jezebels.

Damn! Check out the skirt on this conservative hottie below!

You want to know what this Fox News host is thinking? Well, let me tell you. He is thinking, “Man, I would love to tap that ass next to me.” If he is not thinking that, then he is gay, which, we know from the Fox News constituency, would not be tolerated on Fox News or by Fox News viewers.

So, while all those Value Voters warriors are resting in their hotel rooms at night, after a long day of railing about the moral decline and sexual decadence of modern society, they will be watching the babes of Fox News, and as they watch these scantily clad, buxom lovelies, they will no doubt start wondering and then fantasizing and perhaps a few might even be tempted–the less stalwart of the holy warriors among them no doubt–but undoubtedly a few might be tempted to give in to their lust and dream about fucking some of those conservative Fox News babes, and even worse, they might even fantasize about committing acts of sodomy with them, the types of sodomy that the Fox News hero and Tea Party, GOP conservative favorite and moral purity warrior and crusader Ken Cuccinelli wants to reinstate as a felony in the state of Virginia.

Oh yes, Fox News, the official media outlet of the the Republican, Tea Party, Family Values coalition of the religiously and morally pure, how I love thee.