Megyn Kelly of Fox News, tempting all her family values male viewers...

Megyn Kelly of Fox News, tempting all her family values male viewers…

Fox news is a funny place. This Republican biased, conservative news organization which caters to the religious right, and all things conservative, is also the official masturbation channel for those same pure conservatives viewers. Let’s face it: the women on Fox are hot. I don’t care what inane things come out of their pretty little mouths, so long as they are wearing nice, short cut dresses with lots of cleavage. What is most amusing, and something perhaps they are not aware of, or at least in denial about, is that when all those family values men are watching all those conservative Fox babes blabbing on, those same family value male viewers are not listening to a single word they are saying, but rather are thinking, “God, how I would love to fuck her. I bet Kimberly does things my uptight conservative wife would never do.”

And that is not even to mention the closeted conservative lesbos who would love to do a little muff diving with those same Fox babes. After all, Megyn Kelly does come across as a little butch, with her manly voice and all.

I love the hypocrisies of these Christian conservative republican media outlets, tempting their holy and pure and family value viewers with all those tits and asses and legs and luscious lips perfect for blowjobs.

Also, with this whole U.S government shutdown, and reckless talk about the virtues of default by some Tea Party republicans, which Fox news is part of, I can only say how much I now despise the Republican party, especially its Tea Party fanatical wing. I am just one person, but from this point on, I will do whatever I can now to defeat all Republicans in elections. They have become little more than a nihilistic party controlled by delusional anarchists.

We can have legitimate debates on the role of government in our society; the United States defaulting on its debts is NOT one of them.

The Tea Party needs to be marginalized. And if the Tea Party people hate the U.S government so much, why don’t you just leave the fucking country, and go move to Russia, where you can suck Putin’s dick (since he is another one of your family values heroes).