I love the essence of eroticism. Photos such as this capture a part of life, the beauty of sexuality, the loveliness of the female form. As a male, of course I have my own particular predilections when it comes to feminine beauty. Not only is there the sheer visual pleasure of such sights, but there is also the evocative possibilities of physical, sexual pleasure shared with such a creature, even though, as in this photo, such pleasure are actually not possible. This is, after all, simply a photo of someone I know nothing about, nor will ever know anything about. Yet it is still enjoyable to view.

There are also the memories that such photos incite: memories of past pleasures shared with various women throughout your life. Even the earliest experiences of erotics pleasures from our youth never quite dim in our memories as time past. And for all men, emblazoned on their memory forever is that precious first experience of a flesh and blood female, naked and inviting and such an object of fascination for the curious and pent up and sexually frustrated youth who can now enjoy what he has spent so many nights only fantasizing about. When that moment comes, we usually want to get down on our knees and thank God.

Women, holding all the keys to sexual access, cannot really understand this most basic aspect of male nature. They perceive it, they know how to work it to their own advantages, but they cannot really understand it. One of the reasons I post such photos on this blog is as a simple celebration of this universal fact of life, the way men desire women, our delight in visual stimulation, and how that will never change. There are many who find such images objectionable, most notably the religiously pure and fanatical, and rabid, harpy feminists. I hope such images make them uncomfortable, because the power of eroticism in all its forms will always be a part of our world, no matter how hard they try to eradicate them in the name of “God” or “equality” or whatever the latest anti-erotic crusading mantra may be.