It was only a few years ago that I first heard this song from the great British band of the 1960’s, The Kinks. After I heard it I was astounded, not only at how good a song it is, but of the fact that I had NEVER heard it before. I was wondering if other people have heard this, or was I just somehow singularly misfortunate enough simply to have never heard it. The song was produced sometime in the late sixties, and I believed first appeared on a Kinks compilation album, Sunny Afternoon, in 1967. They had written the song earlier, but for some reason decided not to put it in one of those albums. There is also another version of this song by the Chocolate Watch Band, a West Cost psychedelic band from the same era.

The version above is live, which I think is superior to the studio version, although that is good too. What I particularly enjoy about this song are the nice movements, the heavy, blues riffs and rhythms mixed with some gentle melodies. And the lyrics are priceless too. After all, who does not want to NOT be like everybody else?

All in all it is a great song that I wish I had discovered years ago, but am now happy to have discovered it in the past few years. The Kinks truly had some amazing music.