This needs to be spanked...

This needs to be spanked…

A woman needs to be disciplined on a regular basis. She needs to be spanked. There are few things I enjoy doing more than spanking a girl. The feel of the back of my hand on her soft ass, the sound of the stinging slap, her moans of both pleasure and pain, and the inevitable cherry ruddiness that develops on her now tamed, smooth skin are all wonderful exercises in erotic aesthetics.

I have always found spanking to be one of the best remedies for a woman’s natural and recurrent bitchiness. Anyone who has been in a relationship with a girl knows the inevitable bitchiness that enters in the equation. If, as a man, you cave to that bitchiness, if you become her scared little lapdog, then she will have nothing but contempt for you. If, on the other hand, you stand up to her bitchiness, if you display to her your own strength and power, and are unafraid to demonstrate that to her through sheer physical strength, especially through a good spanking, then she will genuinely feel her pussy becoming wet and ready and willing to accept your clearly dominant, alpha seed. Woman do not like wusses. Most girls indeed have beta providing husbands or boyfriends, because they are safe and secure and will accompany them on all their girly social outings, but deep in the hind part of their brain they crave the powerful semen of a man who is unafraid to inflict his masculinity upon her. This is one of the most common themes in the world of game and the manopshere, and I know from my own experiences that it is true. Honestly, and truly, I cannot tell you how many woman I have been involved with in my life who were either married or had some boyfriend they were cheating on. They said, of course, how much they cared, even loved their partners, but that there was something lacking, and what was lacking was the raw, ancient, primitive pleasures of submitting to a strong man who was unafraid to discipline them whenever they tried to play their bitchy games. What I enjoyed about such lovers was the intensity of the sexuality, the unbridled pleasure these women found in being tamed and fucked by someone such as myself. Although these relationships could be of deep emotional texture and even love, we both always knew that in the end they would go nowhere, and yet we both desired nothing more than the pure physicality of phenomenal sex.

The usual moral mantra is that this type of life is somehow empty, and yet I have found it most fulfilling, exciting and completely suited to my freedom loving nature. I was never suited to live in the cage of married and monogamous existence, and I thank God that I have understood that most of my life. One of the thrills of life is meeting those women, and there are quite a few of them, who also have these tendencies. And inflicting dominance and discipline upon them was usually a hidden part of their faux-monogamous, repressed desires. And after we were finished, they went back to their clueless husbands or boyfriends, sexually satisfied for a while, while I enjoyed the thrill of the next and new lover.

I myself am an unrepentant caveman. I rejoice in the beastly, uncivilized part of my nature. The pursuit of unbridled sexual experiences and pleasures, of pleasuring and fucking as many beautiful women as I can, has always been a part of my life. It is a freedom I can never relinquish. It especially suits the art of dominance and discipline. There are many forms of dominance: from a simple spanking to tying her up and ravishing her. I have never met a woman who did not become intensely aroused by such practices. And after such practices, after the unleashing of your inner beast and animal, the fucking will usually be some of the most intense, primal and intensely pleasurable you can experience.

And after such a thorough display of dominance and discipline, her bitchiness will disappear as she fades into the soft sleep of sexual release, at least for a while. But when it returns, and it will, you will know what to do. And so will she. Discipline her, dominate her, fuck her brains out, in short, be a man, and she will love you in very special ways.

Of course when you reach the point where she acts bitchy just because she secretly wants to get spanked, well, then you have reached a new level of the art of discipline and dominance.