I’m your Venus, I’m your fire, your desire!

This is a fun little video. What I like about it is the happy, care free celebration of sexual desire. The theme of the eternal power of the ancient goddess of love and sex, Venus, is one that never gets old. I particularly enjoy the scene at 1:34, with the men reaching up at the gyrating ass of the she-devil. It is quite true, that men will sure enough reach desperately for a sexually available female, and be seen as little more than helpless objects in the face of her sexual allure and power. Just go to any nightclub to see the ratio of desperate, horny guys hoping to get laid and the girls, all dolled up and desiring as much attention as possible, supremely aware of their sexual power over those poor dudes, to see all this in action. It is often a sad, albeit humorous display of human mating behaviors.

The goddess on the mountain top/ burning like a silver flame/ the summit of beauty and love, and Venus was her name!

Bananarama? They are not exactly I group I would listen to; this video, however, is a remake of an earlier, popular version of this song, and it has always been a good song. Still, it is funny how a seemingly bubble gum video from the 80’s can still speak to some of the deeper truths of human sexuality. Culture, especially music culture, is funny that way. That is one of the things that makes contemporary music an often fascinating phenomenon.

Venus, the summit of beauty of love.

Venus, the summit of beauty of love.

Perhaps this line sums it up best: if a girl has it, then she has incredible power.

She’s got it, your baby, she’s got it!