It was sixty years ago today that Sir Edmund Hillary became the first man to climb Mt. Everest.

There are times when my entire being seems to hunger for God. Although I am a highly and deeply sexual person, still, the spiritual side of my being cannot be denied. I often wonder why it is that such a longing for the divine exists? Why are some people profoundly moved to seek God, to fill their souls with spiritual sustenance, while others seem to care not a wit, and are even hostile to, spiritual matters. I don’t know. All I know is that I am one of those who cannot live without a spiritual foundation. Yes, I have my issues with my own organized religion, Catholicism, but that does not negate or even diminish the importance of that faith for my daily life.

I like to write about beauty. In addition to physical beauty there is another kind, perhaps even more important–spiritual beauty. I often see manifestations of the divine in our physical world, such in the awesome magnificence of a great mountain. Our ancestors worshipped mountains as divine forces, as do some cultures today, and I can see why. The above photo is of the greatest mountain of all, Mt. Everest. It is a sight of great and terrible beauty, something which can stir the soul with fear and dread but also with awe and respect, even love, for the wondrous and nearly unapproachable glory of God’s creation.

When I see such a sight, even in a photo, I long that much more deeply for God, for the divine forces, seen and unseen, that permeate our world. And such divinity is, for me at least, the source of all beauty. It is something I cannot live without.