Sometimes I simply enjoy posting a piece of erotica for no other reason than to piss off the religious prudes of all types and faiths.

Recently I was reading about a fairly large Evangelical organization (the name escapes me at the moment, but I will write more about them at a later date) which has recently been served with numerous lawsuits alleging sexual abuse and other sexual improprieties. This is a conservative, sexual purity pushing organization, with many wealthy churches in various states. Their members are particularly hostile to all gay people, as well as anything that smacks of “porn”. They live by strict Biblical rules. I always enjoy watching the sexual  implosion of such holy, God fearing, righteous groups.

I laugh at and mock their neurotic sexual hypocrisies with postings such as this, with its filthy, sexually explicit photo that they both despise and desire. The sacred and profane do often mimgle in the most amusing ways.

For me sexual pleasure is a gift from God to be enjoyed in various healthy ways, such as this photo depicts. And this is a most delightful way to share a moment with someone, especially after hours of hot, sweaty and vigorous fucking…

Note: The Evangelical organization in question is called “Sovereign Grace Ministries”. I plan on writing more on them later. But it needs to be mentioned here is that some of their leaders have been actively involved in support of the death penalty for homosexuality in Uganda. Yes, they are lovely people.