In my post yesterday I mentioned one of the more famous Nereids, Calypso. This exotic creature lived on the island of Ogygia. The daughter of the Titan Atlas, she is best remembered from Homer ‘s Odyssey, where she detained Odysseus for several years as her love interest.

Recently Southern Man and Suzy asked that I provide proof of my tropical excursion. Southern Man asked specifically to see a photo of me with a drink in one hand and a beautiful woman by my side. I therefore offer the above photograph to those so interested.

Even to this very day, Calypso’s allure is still quite powerful. This is so much so that a film noir character like Robert Mitchum, a man, like Odysseus, well versed in the art of handling the femme fatale, was clearly susceptible to the magic of such a beauty. And if Mitchum cannot resist such creatures, what hopes do the rest of us lesser mortals have of ever doing so?