So what if two people of the same sex love each other sexually...?

So what if two people of the same sex love each other sexually…?

God is Love“. This is one of the most profound spiritual statements found anywhere. They are the words from the Epistle of St. John. More importantly, Jesus also preached the preeminence of love, God’s love towards us, and our love towards each other. If this is true, and if we believe in the divinity of Christ, then why, why does the Catholic Church think it is morally good to persecute people who do not fall in line with its doctrinal rules concerning sexual love.

As I think more about the woman who was fired from her job for being gay (subject of my last post), for simply having a relationship with a person of the same sex, a relationship that was based upon mutual love, the more disgusted I become with the Church. This woman was not harming anyone. She was a good teacher. She was a good person. And now, the Church, out of nothing more than a malicious desire to impose its hypocritical rules of sexuality on the entire world, has fired her. What does this mean? This means this woman is now out of a job, an income, and a way of life that was dear to her. Her students are also deprived of a good teacher, of someone who genuinely cared about them.

All those things are irrelevant in the eyes of the Church. All that matters is that this woman was not living a morally proper life in accord with these stupid and outdated “teachings”. She was not pure enough. This need for religious purity reflected here reminds me of one of the Boston marathon bombers. The older brother apparently had become more and more devout, holy and pure in his own faith, Islam, so much so that he began going around and criticizing those Muslims who were not as holy as he thought they should be. He even got kicked out of his Mosque because they were sick of him lecturing to them on what bad Muslims they were.

The problem with all religious fundamentalism is precisely that: fundamentalism. The religious fundamentalist sees only rules and regulations and doctrine and need for everyone–no matter what–to fit into their own pre-conceived notions of what true religion is. To them, “The Truth” is a cold, abstract battle axe with which they can bludgeon the heretics and infidels into submission. The Islamic Jihadist takes this to its logical extreme and simply kills those whom he deems improper. The Catholic Church today cannot do such a thing, although it has condoned it in the past; but what it can do today is fire someone from their job who does not fit into its theological paradigm. It does not matter if we are human or not, flesh and blood; no, all that matters is that this person did not conform to the abstract notions of “the divine and natural law”. The fact that this woman is now suffering the stress of unemployment does not matter. She did not follow the rules, so she must be dismissed and eliminated. In this respect, the need to eliminate those who do not fit in, there is really not too much difference between the Islamic fundamentalist and the Catholic fundamentalist. To both, it is fine to hurt other people in the name of God. So long as purity and “God’s law” is maintained, anything goes.

These two are clearly violating God's laws, rules and regulation. Shame on them!!!

These two are clearly violating God’s laws, rules and regulation. Shame on them!!!

The religious fundamentalist always says, “Well, I really do love you and so I am doing this for your own good. Once you submit to the truth, you will truly be happy and liberated.”

I say, “Whose truth? A truth made up by other men?” The fact of the matter is that, aside from our own spiritual and mystical experiences, everything we know about God and religion has come down to us from other humans or is expressed to us today by other humans. And for me, at least, that leaves too much room for error to ever abide in a world of doctrinal purity. Man is too fallible.

The fundamentalist does not think like this though. To him, he sees nothing but laws, rules and the “The Truth”. Well when you try to intellectually codify all of human behavior to fit some sort of notion of what “The Truth” is, you are going to have major problems. When the fundamentalist sees people behaving in ways he disapproves of, and who are perfectly healthy and happy doing so, he becomes angry, because such behavior is the clearest sign of his own spiritual, religious and theological inadequacies. It is the strongest challenge to his precious and insecure notion of “The Truth”. Frustrated and now confronted by his own potential doubts, eager to cling even more fiercely to what he firmly believes to be God’s divine mandates, he then feels the need to use coercion, even violence, to make the wayward sinners fall in line and submit to the moral order of the world. The Jihadist uses a bomb and kills people. The Catholic Church will just fire you from your job and cause you economic hardship. Either way, people get hurt and anger and suffering and hatred spread.

If Christianity in general, and Catholicism in particular, is nothing more than a monolithic, spiritual beehive of mindless and utterly obedient worker drones, where no one has their own free will and personality, where no one can really form their own ideas and practices on such essential matters as human sexuality, where differences are shunned and even persecuted, then I wonder what the hell I am doing even believing in such things.

It disgusts me. Ever since I had to sit through an uptight, most likely closeted compulsive masturbator of a priest lecture a Sunday congregation on the evils of contraception and gay marriage, I have avoided Church. This was after a year of not going, after I had become so fed up with the endless sexual scandals that are now, finally and thank God, emerging from the darkest, hidden regions of the Church, like shit flowing out of a broken, previously underground but now exposed sewer line. At this point I really don’t know if I will ever return to Church again. I can’t stand the cock sucking, boy fucking clergy hypocrites who make up these rules and have no problem in persecuting those whom they deem unfit, as well as their mindless lay devotees (usually made up of uptight middle age or old ladies and gay men with serious mommy issues hiding from their own sexuality).

Two more girls about to commit unnatural, evil acts! God bless them!

Two more girls about to commit unnatural, evil acts! God bless them!

God is Love. I believe in God. I believe in Christ. I don’t believe in the ridiculous, outdated, and overtly harmful rules of the Catholic Church. I see little love in the Church these days.

People who hurt other people in the name of Jesus Christ are fucked up.