This woman exudes fertility...

This woman exudes fertility…

The arrival of Spring offers us many lovely sights. This is one of them. When we think of Spring, we think of fertility, the rebirth of life, the ancient cycles of passion and procreation that possess all creatures at this time. The world teems with new joys and energy. Sex seems to be everywhere.

This photo, luxuriating in the loveliness of her breasts and hips, reminds me of the basic earthiness of our existence. No matter what our technological sophistication, no matter how advanced we may think our civilization, we are still subject to the everlasting rhythms of this earth. We cannot escape our primal natures, no matter how hard we try. This is not to deny the spiritual and unseen component our lives, or that we should live like primitive peoples, but rather it is to humbly acknowledge our continued dependence on the world around us.

When I see a photo like this, I instinctively know what it means, what it suggests and beckons, and how much power the eroticism of life has over all of us. Her breasts and hips are also a testament to the older forms of female beauty that prevailed before the stick figures of modern aesthetics came about. I find these traditional images more attractive than the rather emaciated, androgynous notions of female beauty that are too often presented to us today. A image such as this overflows with the same sort of primal energy that fills each Spring day.

As we welcome the delights of Spring, so long live breasts, hips and the wonderful GNP, all reflections of the ancient and primal eroticism of rebirth and renewal.

P.S., for those who may not know, the GNP is “The Glorious Natural Pelt” otherwise known simply as “the bush”. And my older readers know how much I love the bush. Which reminds me, I think I need to write a new post sometime soon on the beauties of the bush. One is long overdo. I am after all a stalwart advocate of the traditional bush on a woman.