The golden eagle. I don’t think you want to fuck with this creature.

The eagle is a majestic creature, a true apex predator of the animal kingdom. Not only are they sublimely beautiful, but they have always been symbols of regal and state power as long as mankind has been around. For thousands of years everyone from pharaohs, emperors, kings, czars, and presidents have used the eagle as a symbol of power. The bird represent the ultimate apex of all power. In the annals of history only the lion can compete with the eagle as a symbol of consummate strength and power.

The eagle has no natural predators. Its hunting is based on extreme eyesight, speed and power. This creature can spot a small mammal from miles away, swoop down and make a kill within a matter of seconds. Its talons are so strong that they can break human bone. Its beak is as lethal as the sharpest samurai sword. Its wingspan can reach up to eight feet. The fierceness of its expression is truly amazing. Even unattended infants and small children are not free from its potentially lethal strike. Of course such encounters occur mostly in rustic, mountainous regions, but if you live in such a place, the exploits of the eagle are legendary. People of these regions respect, and fear, the eagle.

The bald eagle is a truly majestic and beautiful creature.

But above all, these birds are simply beautiful. They are wonderful examples of the diversity of life in this world, of all the creatures who rule their own domains, still untouched by the ever encroaching human development. And of course I am biased, but I think the bald eagle, the symbol of America, is the most majestic bird of them all. The contrast between the white head and brown body is truly inspiring. Although they are threatened by environmental problems, the bald eagle’s continued existence (as well as all eagle’s) is a testimony to the enduring brilliance of God’s creation.

One of nature’s great sights: the eagle in flight.

Not only the eagle’s natural hunting abilities, but its admiration and appreciation by all of mankind for thousands of years endows this creature with true animal alpha status.