From rocker to herb: once he made her juices flow and he now bores her. (Source: The Onion).

This bit of humor from the Onion is priceless:,1507/?ref=auto

It is priceless because it is so true. The piece details how a woman turns her one time rocker boyfriend, someone who was mysterious and aloof and dangerous, into a soft herb subject to her every whim.

The lesson: a man needs to remain a man, be himself, and not let a woman change him into something he is not. Once she changes him to what she thinks is her desirable mate, she will loose interest in him.  Pussy has great power over men and once they are getting it, they will often go to great lengths to keep it; but a man should never sacrifice his own self in the pursuit of maintaining the pussy status quo.

The true alpha always remain unconquerable, aloof and more interested in fulfilling his own ambitions than succumbing to the feminine dictates of women. He must be prepared to walk away when he has to make a choice between the white picket fence and his own ambitions of glory. This is what makes women wet: the man they cannot tame.