I love beautiful women…!

The past few days I have been enjoying the lovely sights of so many beautiful women. We have been having some wonderfully warm mid autumn weather, which has provided the opportunity for many pretty girls to display their God given beauty.

There are so many in the manosphere blogging world who despise women. Many of them for sure have suffered from the emotional fickleness, game playing, and machinations of the opposite sex. After a lifetime of pedestalizing women, undoubtedly they have endured the bitter disappointment that comes from such idealizations. Their first loves, those young creatures about whom they spent so many hours fantasizing, proved in the end to be flawed human beings. The messiness of human nature is a hard pill to swallow. The key to enjoying women is to understanding their nature, and not letting their feminine tendencies dominate your masculine. The man must be dominant. And being dominant also means being able to walk away and find other women when the one you are with begins to make your life difficult. Being dominant means not being afraid of the hunt.

I have never been much interested in the traditional relationship: something which leads to marriage and family. Perhaps I am lucky in that respect, because such a temperament has allowed me to avoid many of the traps that so many men fall into. My interests have always been in the world of love, seduction and sexual enjoyment. Most men desire some kind of variety. Few are able ever to practice that. Especially once a man gets married, and even more so when he has a family, he has certain understandable responsibilities. After all, the world needs to go on. Certainly many men are happy in marriage, but many are not. The same is true for women.


But so many men are trapped: trapped in a marriage or relationship with a woman whom they no longer love or desire, men who desire other women, men who want variety, and yet are unable to find that. Such men usually end up sneaking around to find clandestine encounters with prostitutes, or, if they are lucky, with a lover. But usually the truth eventually surfaces and such men find their lives seriously damaged or ruined afterwards. If they happen to be famous, we often read about their sad and sordid lives in the tabloids.

I feel lucky that, although I have certainly suffered the vicissitudes of love, the ups and downs of relationships of different sorts, I have never been permanently trapped in an unbearable situation. I feel that having experienced sexual variety has benefited my life.

What is it that I enjoy about women? It is hard to describe. There is the softness, the allurement of beauty, the difference in their nature. A woman’s smile can be quite captivating. I enjoy the tension that exits between the sexes. There is always the wonder and intrigue of sexuality, of the possibilities for pleasure and enjoyment, especially secret and forbidden enjoyments. Then there is always the possibility for something deeper and more spiritual and meaningful. There is a broad spectrum for love affairs, from the pleasantly cheap one night stands to the longer and more profound relationship. A melding of minds and souls and bodies can be a wonderful thing.

I love the feminine softness…

I suppose I am a hedonist. I love enjoyment. I love pleasure. I love the enjoyment of women. Today I saw so many lovely bodies, so many girls in flimsy dresses, tight jeans, skimpy shorts, revealing blouses, girls with shapely legs enhanced by sexy boots, legs smooth and inviting and created to be wrapped around my waist while we passionately fuck. When I see a lovely girl I wonder what she is like sexually. I wonder what her sexual history is. I want to know. I want to know every detail. For my entire life I have had these thoughts, these desires. I love finding these things out. Discovering girls who are as deeply sexual as me is always a delight. I enjoy it all. What would life be without these enjoyments with the opposite sex.

So unlike so many in the manosphere, I do love women!