Summer provides many types of beauty…

We are now into September, which means summer will soon be coming to an end. Ah, how blessed is summer! Who does not love the summer? Who does not love the warmth and sun and exuberant vivaciousness of an all encompassing natural beauty. Trees are green, flowers are in bloom, the birds happily sing in the early morning, people wander about freely and casually, and, perhaps most delightfully of all, so many women are dressed in the their summer outfits, short dresses, sun skirts, shorts, tank tops, and whatever else is out there, the sights and visions of beauty I love to enjoy each and every day.

Soon the Fall will come, and the coats will come out, the dresses will begin to be replaced by more cozy, warmth embracing clothing, the shorts and tank tops will eventually disappear for another season. Women, like the buds of lovely flowers buried deep in the soil, awaiting the rejuvenation of another spring, will be for the most part covered and hidden during the dark days of winter. Those days are now approaching, albeit not for a few months. But they are coming. In the meantime, before the seasons begin to change permanently for another year, and the darkness of Winter steals parts of our beautiful world, I will enjoy as many warm visions of female beauty as I can. It is still warm and sunny enough for much female beauty to be abundant. Today I saw many lovely girls out and about and clothed in various types of revealing attire. It is a feast for the eyes. So like the Fall harvest, when we enjoy the fruits of a lovely spring and summer, I will enjoy the last fruits of the God given warmth of our world, the fruits of feminine loveliness.

Oh yes, I do love pretty women.