If aliens should actually invade the Earth, this would be the fate of mankind: we would be totally fucked.

Whenever I see some movie, such as Independence Day, which depicts an alien invasion of Earth, with the Earth winning, I can’t help but laugh. Why do people make such stupid movies? Instead of seeing a sort of feel good fantasy of how the Earthlings will defeat the Aliens, usually led by the United States, I want to see a real depiction of what would really happen if aliens decided to colonize the Earth, or harvest humans for whatever reasons. I wish someone would make such a movie, a movie which would show the total annihilation of mankind if aliens did in fact decide to destroy us.

The bottom line is this: if aliens have the technology to travel millions of light years just to get here, we would be fucked. There would be no contest. Any civilization out there with such overwhelming technological superiority would overwhelm us with that technology. They would laugh at our puny little weapons and unsophisticated machines. We would stand no chance. In the end, we would be like cattle herded into a slaughterhouse. Why else would any other civilization travel the immense distances of space to come here, except to get something from us? I doubt such an encounter would be a friendly one.

I often marvel at how vast and unknown the universe is. It is right there, all around us, above our heads in the sky. At night we can see the innumerable stars from different parts of that strange, vast world of space. What is out there? What exactly is the universe? Despite the fact that we know it exists, no one really understands it, how to came to be, where it ends, if it ends, and what is out there. The vastness of the universe shows how infinitesimally puny and ignorant we really are. We still don’t even understand something as basic as gravity. It is all quite humbling, really. So if any other beings out there have the intelligence and ability to travel those vast distances to get here, to find this small speck of rock in the vastness of space, and if their intentions were hostile, that would be the end of mankind.

I wish someone would make a movie of this nature: the end of mankind after an alien invasion, without any hope, and how people would act and behave in that situation. It is probably too dark for a Hollywood movie; after all, who would want to see it? In the end, the need for hope is part of our human nature. We like to think we could overcome such odds. Hollywood likes happy endings.

But I think a dark, completely hopeless alien invasion film would be an interesting piece of entertainment.