As he entered the new town, inflamed with the desire to save countless souls, inspired by the words and actions of the holy prophets of ancient Israel, the preacher decided he needed some sort of relaxation. He was in town to give a fiery sermon on the proliferation of all the various vices of the modern world. This was a popular topic, guaranteed to draw big, enthusiastic crowds of moral crusaders, so a big audience was expected, and he knew this would tax his strength. Although a tall, strong man, and in his late thirties, his body was tired from the long journey through different towns, the endless evenings of sermonizing, shaking hands, baptizing, healing troubled souls, and bearing the entire burden of heaven’s mandate upon his shoulders. He was convinced he was one of the last true hopes for the world; without him and other purity warriors like him the future of mankind was bleak.

But first he needed rest. And he needed to feel some sense of release. In this mid size but bustling northern city, he was sure he could find some sort of entertainment. So, once in his hotel, he began to flip through the yellow pages of the local phonebook and there, among the various advertisements for dentists and doctors, he found a page filled with notices for escorts. Yes, these were souls that needed his saving grace the most. They were the sickest souls in need of the most diligent spiritual physician. So he searched for what seemed to be the most fertile area. He found those agencies listed under “Incall only”, and one add in particular struck his eye: The Good Girls Club. The advertisement featured a photo of a wonderfully innocent, girl next door type, with brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her smile was infectious. Although he felt some ambivalence towards this endeavor, he also felt the call of the Lord strong within him to save these souls, to bring the Gospel message of purity to them. He struggled for a few moments, but he quickly overcame his doubts and ambivalence, picked up the phone and made an appointment that night. He knew this city well, so finding this particular establishment was easy. It was only a few blocks down the road from his hotel.

After showering and a change of clothes, he walked out into the crisp, cool autumnal night. The city was bustling with lights, people, laughter and amusement. Soon, after walking a few blocks illuminated by diners, movies theaters and bars, he noticed a rather inconspicuous brownstone building, an ancient monument in this modern, growing city, but one that was totally inconspicuous. The preacher, as a man deeply involved in the elimination of vice, knew what this meant and, after feeling and then overcoming another strain of doubt and confusion, he continued his mission. He stood a few feet away from the building, contemplating its existence. This was a place of the worst kind of vice, the kind of vice that can destroy entire families, neighborhoods, cities, and countries. It was the vice of sexual sin. He had seen these places throughout his journey of righteousness. He had visited many in an attempt to bring the Gospel of love and purity to those who clearly were lacking such virtues. He felt that all his experience had gained him some sort of special expertise in saving these types of sinful souls. But he also knew the possible dangers of such a place, his own weaknesses, and what that could lead to. Still, he knew that souls needed to be saved, at all risks to himself, even the worst kind of sinful souls: whores.

He walked casually up the old, granite steps of the building and rang the doorbell. From the doorbell speaker a scratchy voice said, “Yes, can I help you?”

“I called about a half hour ago for an appointment, the name is Jim.”

“Oh yes, come on in please.” And with that the large oak door buzzed and he opened it and entered this world of vice. On the other side he was greeted by a rather plump, red headed woman with a broad smile. She was dressed in a bright rouge negligee. “How are doing tonight honey. What can I do for you.” Behind her was a lounge, with a bar and several men and scantily clad women mingling among the round tables and velvet couches. Soft music played in the background. Cigaret smoke clouded the neon lights. A preacher should not be seen in such a place, he thought, but he knew he needed to take risks for the sake of souls. A true spiritual warrior takes risks.

The preacher felt the small bible which he always carried with him in his coat pocket. “Well, mam, I would like to discuss the kingdom of God with you, or one of your girls.”

She laughed, hearty and throaty. “Oh well, yes, I can arrange a session for you. We love preachers here. The girls need to hear the message of love, you know. A girl with a good, pure soul is a priceless commodity in places like this.”

The preacher took his hand off his Bible, and found the wallet stuffed with cash in his other pocket. He handed a ten twenties to the madam. “Will this be enough for a short session? The Lord is always grateful for the opportunity for the word to be spread.”

“Why yes, this should be enough.” She took the money and put it between her breasts. “Now, let me call Maria for you. She was a good farm girl, brought up right, but recently she has been straying from the right path. I like my girls to remain on the straight and narrow. The clients love it. Thank you, Preacher.”

“Whatever I can do to save souls, sister.” He then sat at the bar, ordered a ginger ale, and waited for the soul that needed to be saved to arrive. He felt it was better to deal with souls on an individual basis in these sorts of situations. He ordered the ginger ale because he felt a man of his reputation should not be seen drinking liquor, that other great vice.

When he saw he Maria, a fair young thing with jet black hair modestly tied up in a bun, something which she did whenever she met a rather pious client, he felt that familiar bolt of forbidden passion pass through his bones. Yes, he thought, she needs to be saved. This is clearly a once pious, God fearing girl who now needs to be saved from her wicked sins. I can feel the heated temptation growing quickly within me, a temptation she has created.

She feigned shyness and modesty with him, greeting him with her deep brown eyes cast downward. “Hello Sir, how can I help you tonight.”

“Hello, sister. I am glad you came to me tonight. How are you?” The preacher appreciated her supple but soft body, especially the way her ample breasts were pressing against the fabric of her corset. The sins of the flesh, he thought, as he eyed her body. How terrible. He knew he had his work cut out for him with this girl. The temptations would be great, but the risk was worth saving another soul.

Her eyes met his. They were wonderfully round, doe like and captivating.

“I am fine sir, but perhaps I need some lessons in proper manners. I have lived a sinful life. I understand you are preacher, a man of God?”

“There are many sinners that need to be saved.” He took another sip of his ginger ale, then after appreciating the beauty of her body, a temple of the Holy Spirit which she had clearly been desecrating, he requested a private room with her. “The Lord’s work sometimes needs to be done in private, especially when the sin is grave.”

She smiled. “Oh, I agree. I know of a nice little room we can find salvation in.”
The room was small, with pink wall paper, colored with red flowers, and a round, large bed. The damask sheets appeared to be silk and the pillows stuffed with down. He sat on the bed while she stood before him.

“Have you been saved, sister? Do you know the Lord?”

“Oh yes, as a little girl my daddy used to bring me to church every Sunday. I was country girl, in a small country parish church. We listened to the preacher, sang hymns, and praised God. It was a wonderful time.”

“Praise the Lord, sister.” The preacher removed his coat. “But tell me, if you and yours were such good, church going people, if you were so devoted to God and his holy word, how did you end up in a place like this? Where did you take the wrong path, sister. Don’t be afraid to tell me, it is good to let these things out. God helps those who confess their sins and repent and seek a new path. I am offering you a new path, sister.”

She moved towards her dresser and poured herself a small glass of brandy. “Do you want one too?”

“A man of God should not be drinking. It is a sin.”

“Of course.” She took a small sip of the brandy. “I should have known. Sorry I asked. I hope it was not too great a temptation for you?”

“No sister, the Lord has given me the strength to overcome these worldly temptations.” He eyed the alluring liquid as he talked to her. He remembered that painful day so many years ago when he forsook liquor for the sake of the kingdom. “Now, tell me sister, where have you gone astray. Let the Lord into your life. He can cure all your ills.”

She took another sip of the brandy. “Is that why he has brought you into my life, to help cure me of my ills?” She smiled and as she did he noticed how soft and moist her lips seemed. He reached for his Bible stuffed so snugly into his coat pocket. He needed its strength.

“This is what the Lord would like for you. This is why he brought me here.” He showed her the Good Book. The leather binding was well worn, a bit cracked, but still in reasonably good condition. She did not look at it as she sat next to him on the bed.

“Oh dear preacher, I have seen plenty of those things my whole life. I used to see them all the time when I was younger. Well, when I was a young woman, just ready for marrying age, the preacher at our church used to show me his Bibles all the time. Rev. Williams was his name. He was a good man. He was holy and pure and filled with the spirit. He told me his Bibles would ward off sin too. I asked him what sin was though. I was confused and did not know. Such a young stupid thing I was, so young and innocent and inexperienced in the ways of the world.  But you know, he told me and then he showed me exactly what sin was, and what kind of sins people commit. He used to talk about sin all the time in the pulpit. The people listened and said, oh yes, yes, you are so right. Praise the Lord! How evil, we must stop this evil. But I really did not know what he was talking about until he showed me the different sinful things people do, being such a young and innocent farm girl after all. I am so glad he taught me exactly what all the different types of sin were, so I would know to avoid them.”

The preacher moved back on the bed, but not far enough to create any real distance between him and the girl. “Not all preachers are men of good morals. What he did was wrong. He was evil. He want too far and perverted his mission.”

“Was it so wrong, preacher?” She moved closer to him and he could feel the warmth of her breath upon his lips. “He taught me many things. These things I can use now, here, in this place. The men like it. He taught me how to be a woman. He was a good preacher. He taught me what real sin is. He taught me about pleasure. Yes, he taught me all those things in the church office late at night when no one was around. He told me God is present at night. He told me God is love and present in pleasure and love. But I feel I need to learn more. Yes, I do not know enough. I like the way the preachers teach me.” She put her shot glass of brandy on the night table beside the bed and looked closely into his eyes. “Will you teach me, Mr. Preacher. Will you, please, just like Rev. Williams used to teach me, God bless him.?”

Feeling a surge of indignation, as well as passion, feeling both repulsion and desire, hatred and lust, he raised his hand towards her. “How can you talk of such things, young lady. This is not God’s way. You cannot be saved by saying such things to me. I am a man of God. I am a agent of moral purity.” His hand remained raised, as if about to slap her across the face violently.

She looked down in shame. “I know, I am a bad girl. So bad. I need to be disciplined. I think only through discipline can a bad girl like me be saved. The Rev. William taught me that. I…I only thought you might be able to help me too, preacher…you know, show me the way, heal my soul and wash me clean.”

He reached for the shot glass of brandy on the small table and took a large sip. “How can you tempt me this way, with liquor and lust. I am a man of God. I know the Bible. I know God’s word and what sin is. I have been ordained. I have saved many souls. I am a man. Yes, a man. I am also a man. A married man too. I have wife and children.”

“Yes, you are a man. And I have been a bad girl and now I need to be disciplined, just like the old Reverend Williams used to discipline me.” She untied her hair from the back and let it cascade down her shoulders.

He was silent for a few moments. Her soft body, her smooth skin, her shiny hair filled his sight.  “And how was that? How did he help you?” He took another sip of brandy.

“I think you know. I think all the preachers know how to discipline those poor, slutty girls they must save. Poor, ignorant girls like myself. We need the help of strong men like yourself. Men of God. Men who are not afraid to man up and be men, holy and pure and chaste men.” She touched his hand.

“No…no, sin is bad. We must not sin.”

She sat closer to him, her hand now touching his forearm, her head leaning on his shoulder. “Oh, please help me, Reverend. Please, I need to be saved. I am so bad. I am such a bad girl.”

And the Reverend, after feeling the softness of her hair against his neck, after feeling the softness of her hand upon his forearm, after seeing the softness of her white breasts pouring out of her corset, suddenly felt a great explosion of passion and desire within him. He had tried to hold it back, but he could not. Yes, he was a man. This is wrong, he thought to himself, but she is so innocent, she is an innocent girl caught up in a wicked life and if I show her what true discipline is, she might be saved. Yes, she might turn to God if she felt true discipline. If she learns true submission she might learn the wickedness of her ways, and turn to God. She might learn to obey a husband some day. She might even have a husband and children and happy family. God wants all women to be married with children. Yes, it is my job to help her. I am a man. I am a man of God. I am a man. I am a strong man who can help her.

“You are a bad girl.” And with that, he stood up, took her by the arms, turned her around, and bent her over the bed. The red dress she was wearing was quickly hiked up, and he ripped off her lacy red panties. “You are a bad girl, and the preacher needs to discipline you.” And with a quick motion of his hand, he smacked her soft, white ass as firmly and vigorously as he could.

“Oh….yes.” She moaned. “Yes, I am a bad girl. Tell me how bad I am.”

“You are this bad.” Again he slapped her ass.

“Yes, I am a bad girl. Sinful too. A slut. Save me, preacher.”

‘Oh god, this is the only way. This is the only way to save such sinful girls as yourself. You will never understand otherwise. You never do. I always have to use this method of salvation of sinful little sluts like yourself.”

“Teach me to be pure, preacher. I think I am so bad, I need special treatment”

“Special treatment?” The preacher took a step back. “Then I will have to use the purity belt.”

“The purity belt?” She paused and breathed a deep sigh. “Oh yes, I need the purity belt to help me with the battle for purity.”

He then removed his belt, tightened the leather around his hand, and slapped her ass with the rest of the length. She screamed as it stung. “Oh yes, slap me again. Do it, preacher man. Punish this disobedient little slut!”

“I have to use this on all the girls like you. I do, I do, I do. So many, God so many sinners who are not saved.” He looked at her lovely ass, now reddened from his discipline. As he did he felt himself growing harder.  “Oh God, forgive me.” He whipped her ass again with the belt. Again she screamed in pleasure. “All the little sluts like you who come to my church on Sunday need the purity belt. They need it for the battle for purity. I know they do, because they tell me all the things they do with their boyfriends the night before, all those wicked and evil acts of the flesh, and I have to seek forgiveness with them, but all I can think about after is how lovely and dirty they are and how much I would love to be doing with them what they and their boyfriends do. I try to remain and calm and dignified when they tell me of their sins, how they masturbate, look at porn, give blowjobs, fuck…and it is all I can do to remain calm when I hear their dirty little stories. But I want them to tell me more, and more and more. And they do, God bless them. Then when I go home and try to fuck my wife she refuses me, saying God does not want ut to do impure things, and I hate her for that and I jerk off thinking of all those pretty, innocent girls in my church confessing all their dirty sins to me and then when I travel I need to come here and see you. O God, forgive me.” He slapped her ass again with the belt. She moaned in even deeper pleasure.

“Oh yes, I am such a dirty, bad little slut, Punish me, preacher, punish me. Harder, please.”

“Why are you tempting me this way? You are a Jezebel! You are the devil. You are a daughter of Eve!”

She lay on the bed, her ass red and stinging from the spanking, her eyes watery from the punishment. The preacher could feel the sweat building on his forehead, his muscles tiring from the vigorous spanking.. As he looked at her, her naked, now reddened ass, her skirt hiked up to her waist, her jet black hair strewn across her neck and back, he could not but help appreciate how beautiful she seemed. He felt an even deeper pull and tug of sinfulness stir within his being. The allure of feminine flesh was a great source of weakness for most men–the Bible said so–and, although he often prided himself on being free from this particular vice, he was not completely immune, and he knew it.

He stared at her. The room was heavy with silence, broken only by her heavy panting. She then spoke, her words muffled as her face was still pressed against the mattress. “What are you going to do to me now, sir. In what ways are you going to punish this terrible sinner?”

“Why are you doing this to me? Why are you tempting me so?” He mumbled to himself as he began to unbuckle his pants. She looked so inviting. He knew he could not resist. “Why does the evil one have such powers over me. But I know the Lord is stronger. Yet I am a man. I am a man. Full of weakness and fleshly filth. Oh, how my wive would disapprove. My wife, the frigid, pious lady who love religion and hates sex. Oh, how she would hate me for this.”

She moaned and moved her ass up and down, just a bit and enough to stir his inflamed passions even that much more intensely. “I am such a bad girl. Oh yes, I am so bad. Punish me some more!”

His pants were now off and he stood behind her, as she lifted herself up on to her knees, offering herself to him all the more fully. Her vagina was wet and moist and he could smell the scent of her sex. “Oh, the devil is tempting me. Oh yes, the Lord will have to forgive me. Yes, I am a man. The Lord has forgiven me. I am saved. No matter what I do, I am saved by the blood of the Lamb and a place in heaven awaits me, no matter what I do. I am so weak. I am such a sinner.”

“Fuck me, preacher, please fuck me.”

“Oh God, what am I doing. I can’t. No, this is wrong. My wife…”

“Goddam it, fuck me now!”

“Oh God, yes!” He then grabbed her hips and entered her, his cock feeling the tight pleasure of her moist vagina and as he moved in and out, at first slowly and then more quickly, he felt himself losing all sense of decency and decorum, all sense of sin and the punishments of hell, and he began to give himself completely over to the pleasures of fucking. Within a few moments he was pounding her, lost in the animal delights of sex, and all thoughts of his wife or the Bible or what his congregation might think of him on Sunday if they knew about this slipped away from his cloudy and lust drenched mind. All he wanted was the pleasure. “Yes, oh yes, I want this.” Her moans and then screams of sensual pleasure only inflamed his passion that much more, only caused him to forget himself and who he was and his frigid wife and boring congregation that much more. She was beautiful, he thought, her ass so perfect, her hips curving so smoothly towards her waist as he looked down at her, her asshole so pretty, her back so porcelain, her hair so soft and shiny, her voice so filled with the same groans and moans and screams that Eve must have given out when she first led Adam astray. In total, she was too much for him, and he soon came inside her sinful pussy with a great fury.

It was all over in a few minutes.

Soon, they were dressing, quietly and calmly. Maria pulled her dress back down around her shapely legs. The preacher lit up a cigaret. “Well,” she said, “don’t you know that a preacher should not smoke. It is bad for his reputation.”
He did not say anything, taking a long puff on his cigaret and looking at the floor with deep introspection. She wondered if he was feeling guilty, perhaps filled with regret at his weakness. As a minister of God he was used to deep thoughts. As a minister of God, saved by the blood of the Lamb, he was used to sin and sinful situations. He then shot a glance at her with his blue eyes, “Well, I guess there are many things that are bad for a preacher’s reputation. Please, just don’t tell my wife I smoked tonight. ”

They both burst out in laughter. “Oh, Reverend Williams, you were always so funny. I have missed you so, ever since you used to preach at our church all those years ago. It is good that a man remains steady in certain areas.” She then ran his hand along his crotch. “Especially in this way. You taught me so much, all those years ago when I was just a naive farm girl in that small white church, and here are you tonight, you are still teaching me. I do love it that you still come and visit me, after all these years. I look forward to seeing you here!”

“Yes, sister. And you have learned at lot, although you are still a sinner. But since we have both come to the Lord, and are saved, our sins are forgiven. We have both been washed by the blood of the Lamb!”

“Yes, you taught me that! Praise the Lord!”

They both chuckled. He buttoned his shirt and put on his jacket. “Yes, sister. Now, if you will excuse me, I must go. Tonight I have to meet with the Society for the Advancement of Moral Purity. They are starting a campaign to cleanse America of all her sins, restoring our country to its Christian roots, and eliminating homosexuality and sodomy. I must help them. I can’t keep a crowd of old ladies and sexually repressed men waiting. As we both know, we are the most degenerate nation since Sodom and Gomorrah. The sooner we clean this moral cess pool up, the better.”

They both laughed.

As he fumbled with his shirt, she helped him with the top button. “Well, when you come back to town, which I know you will do next month for the next meeting of whatever moral group you are courting, make sure you drop by, huh. I need to be taught more, being such a bad sinner.”

He kissed her gently on the cheek. “You know I will, as I have been doing now every month for the past few years. Your soul needs much work, young Lady.” He then walked towards the door, left three crisp hundred dollar bills on the dresser and turned to her. “And remember, please, if you happen to run into her, do not tell Mrs. William I took a smoke tonight. She would be shocked.”

She was sitting on the bed, pulling a black stocking up her leg. “Well, perhaps you should use the purity belt on her more often.”

“Like it would even make a difference,” he laughed as he walked out the door and returned to the degenerate world which needed to be saved and purified.