After all, the Bible is the inspired, infallible and holy world of God.

So, given the recent Chick fil a brouhaha, here is my take on Biblically based marriage. If we are to take the Bible literally, as the infallible, inspired word of God, which is what many of the more fundamentalist religious persuasion believe, then how can we not come to the conclusion that there are many more forms of “marriage” than our present notion of one man and one woman. Who are we to question the practices of the ancient Israelites? Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, had hundreds of wives and even more concubines. Talk about the good old days. Somewhere our society seriously went wrong when we lost touch with the wisdom of Solomon. This holy man of the Bible clearly loved pussy.

I personally like the idea of having many wives and concubines. I also like the idea of owning many wives and their property. Pure virgins as the untouched spoils of military conquest is a bit more exotic, kinky and smacks of a BDSM streak. But I like that one too.

Did Solomon with all this wives and concubines enjoy such pleasures on a drunken weekend night….?

If this is what Biblically based marriage is, then I am all for it.