“Yes Mom, I had a date last night. He’s very nice, right now we’re just friends. I don’t know, we might go out again, maybe not. We went to a movie and had a couple drinks. Yes, he brought me home. … You’re asking a lot of questions. … No, I don’t have anything to hide. …What?!?… Yes, I’m on the pill. I don’t know. I really don’t know. Maybe we will, maybe not. … OK, I’ll tell you truth. Lisa told me he had a nice cock and I wanted to try it out for myself. Yes, that’s right. I also gave him a blowjob. Yes, I did. Honestly, I think he’ll ask me out again because I swallow. Yes, I do. Maybe if you swallowed Dad wouldn’t be so cranky all the time. {click} hello? hello?”

This is what modern “dating” is all about. I found this little gem on: http://socialneanderthal.tumblr.com/

Ah, how blessedly true!