Marisa Tomei, looking good in a white tank top.

Marisa Tomei is a good example of how a woman can still maintain her beauty well into her forties. Born in 1964, she will be 48 this coming December. For a woman who is approaching 48, she is quite hot. When I think of all the girls in their early twenties who are overweight, out of shape, and just plain flabby from a lifetime of eating junk food, sitting in front of a computer, and a total lack of exercise, Tomei is a refreshing reminder that beauty can be maintained well past the age that fades for most people. Perhaps she has some genetic help, but I would bet she also eats well, exercises, and takes care of her body. You can’t be in great shape after forty without some care and effort.

Tomei at the 2009 Oscars.

Our society has an obesity problem. That is a fact. The causes of this problem are primarily poor diet and lack of exercise. It is that simple. When I see a woman like Tomei in her mid to late forties looking hotter than a lot of girls in their early twenties, I can’t help but chuckle a bit. Girls in their early twenties usually enjoy tremendous sexual power, but they also tend to be silly and vacuous and ultimately inflate their own sexual self worth; a woman a bit later in life has more experience, intellect and understanding of the realities of the world, having lived through them herself. If she has great looks too, well, she is preferable to the bubble gum chewing, club hopping girls twenty years younger than her.


A person does not need to be a Hollywood star in order to maintain their body and looks. All it takes is a good diet, exercise and the right attitude towards life. As Tomei shows, women can maintain their beauty well into their lives.

Oh yes, and older women tend to be better in bed too. They tend to be more comfortable with themselves, understand themselves sexually, and often are not afraid to fuck, simply for the pure pleasure of fucking.  Since they are past the age of the white picket fence, babies and bunny rabbit fantasies that plague younger women, they can enjoy the pleasures sex without all the ridiculous mind games and unrealistic expectations that often come with youth and inexperience.

So let us celebrate beautiful older women! They can be a special delight.