Loveliness…something almost divine.

I enjoy very much posting photos of beautiful women. As I have often mentioned here, I find the visions of beauty to be uplifting. There is something spiritual about beauty. Beauty of course takes on many different forms, but for me, and this blog, beautiful women are a particularly favorite form. Erotic beauty has its own power and appeal, its own allure and attraction, and I enjoy posting erotic photos, but not all the photos I post are necessarily explicitly erotic. Many photos may rather be suggestively erotic. For a man, it is impossible to see a beautiful woman and not feel at least some degree of erotic attraction; part of the appeal of beautiful women is the inherent and allusive nature of the erotic. (And I know many women enjoy erotic photos as well…)

I think too many people associate eroticism or erotica with porn. To them, all depictions of nudity, no matter how artistic or tasteful, are evil and morally wrong. They would label anything nude as “porn”. This is particularly true among the religious types. If they had their way, all depictions of nudity would be a criminal matter. Now, I do believe that too much of porn is crude, tasteless and even vulgar, which in turns gives the higher forms of eroticism a bad name. Then again, there is some really good porn out there, which could be called erotica, and some really bad erotica. The lines between the two are always fluid and blurred.

A nicely done erotic photo, or simply a photo of a beautiful woman, gives pleasure to my soul. So I enjoy posting such photos here, to demonstrate, as I believe, that the beauties of eroticism are not evil, dirty, immoral, but rather, uplifting, a joyous reflection of the wonders of the world around us. Seeing and enjoying the sight of beautiful women does not necessarily mean an exercise in sexual conquest; rather, it is just one of those simple pleasures of life that are to be enjoyed when presented. So, when it comes to posting photos here, I like images that are both beautiful, erotic, sometimes explicit, but never crude or vulgar. What I try to express and reflect is the beauty of eroticism and sexuality, the powerful role those have in our lives. A good erotic photo, or a good photo of a beautiful woman, is to me a work of art.

The celebration of beauty, and beautiful women, is a celebration of life!