I never tire of seeing feminine beauty. It uplifts my soul. What would life be like without such beauty? Whenever I see these women from Islamic societies, their heads all covered, their hair hidden from view, I wonder why, why would any society want to deny the pleasures of viewing such beauties. Beautiful women are a free pleasure, one of the few free pleasures in the world, as free a pleasure as there is. To cover women up in such garments is the equivalent of covering up the countryside, the ocean, the mountains, or whatever else of beauty nature has provided. There is something fundamentally wrong with it.

And the brunette. Yes brunettes are quite lovely. How lovely indeed. I cannot never get enough of such beauties. Let me not forget the blondes and redheads and all the mixes in between. I love them all. But tonight the brunette is most enticing.

Beautiful women, one of the delightful pleasures of life. God bless them!