She is married? Can you imagine having to listen to this harpy bitch at you every night?

A few months ago I saw an episode of Nancy Grace. Now, I do not watch her show, but I just happened see this one particular episode, an episode dealing with the alleged sexual abuse of a 16 year old male by a 24 year old woman. The woman, Sarah Jones, a former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader, allegedly had sex with one of her students while she teaching high school English. Well this whole episode caused Nancy Grace to get her granny panties all in one big disgusting bunch. Her hysterical treatment of this was a good reflection of the disgusting, hypocritical sexual puritanism that infects much of American society.

When discussing this story, Grace was livid. Her eyes lit up on the screen like a demon in distress. Her angry, self righteous scowl was even more vicious than normal. Her complete rage and disgust at this situation was more than sufficiently conveyed to all her viewers, including me. Her attempt was obviously to make me feel somehow that this was a terrible, horrible moral crime; the only terrible and horrible moral conclusion that I could draw was that Nancy Grace is the embodiment of all those fat, bitter, aging, angry soccer moms who cannot stand the sight of a luscious, lovely, and wonderfully sexual young woman enjoying her sexuality. Women hate other women who unabashedly love sex.

Sarah Jones. If convicted of her “crime” she will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life. Puritanism lives!

Yes, let me just say that I don’t think as a teacher she should be having affairs with her students. She lost her job, justifiably so, and that should be that. If she should suffer for any transgression, it should be for that one. But in our sexually vindictive form of legal puritanism, best embodied by harpies such as Grace, this woman was arrested and then charged with a crime of sexual abuse. Is this a crime? She had sex with a 16 year old. This is a crime? No, the crime is that fat warpigs such as Nancy Grace can bloviate all they want on their insipid legal shows and further the cause of American’s war on sex.

I can say, and so will ALL heterosexual men, that fucking an NFL cheerleader was one of our teenage masturbatory fantasies that, if given the chance, we would not have hesitated to fulfill. Only an uptight witch like Nancy Grace would be oblivious to that. I guarantee you this kid was more than willing, and that he enjoyed every minute of it, and he would do it again in a heartbeat. As a matter of fact, one of her guest on that show, a male, joked about how he would have been more than happy to have sex with a cheerleader when he was that age, a statement that only made Nancy Graces eyes glare that much more demonically with bitter hatred. She demanded that her guest be more serious. He was serious. Of course, like the pussy that he was, he eventually backed down to her bitchy threats, and made himself look all the worse in the process. Despite her legal education and experience, despite her television fame, despite the fact that she is married, she clearly has not the slightest clue about male sexuality. Even her male guests are clueless.

When I was 16, yes, I would have gladly tapped that. When I was 16, I prayed to God every day for such an experience!!!

So dear Nancy Grace, yes, when I was 16, I would have gladly, willingly, delightfully, and lustfully fucked any former (or current) NFL cheerleader who offered herself to me. I would have fucked her over and over and over again. And then I would have fucked her one more time, just to piss you off even more. It would not have harmed me in the least; as a matter of fact, it probably would have boosted my ego and made me that much more confident with women, saving me years of learning the way of pussy through trial and error. That is male sexuality. It is human sexuality. It is not a crime. Deal with it. As a matter of fact, in most societies in the past it was not uncommon for a 16 year male to be married. In our own time, a 16 year old male knows what he wants when it comes to pussy. What happened between Jones and this guy was NOT a crime. He was not “sexually abused” by this woman. Far from it.

Nancy Grace and the bitchy, hagged out housewives of middle America who watch her show hate women such as Jones, because she is hot, sexual and unafraid to enjoy her sexuality. In our puritan zeal, why not just put a scarlet letter on her?

And to Sarah Jones, all I can say, yes, you made a serious mistake with one of your students. You lost your job, will never teach again, and perhaps that is a just consequence for your actions. Still, you are clearly a very sexual woman. Own it. Enjoy it. Do not let the prudes and puritans out there like Nancy Grace slut shame you ad nauseam. They are simply jealous that you are hotter and that you clearly enjoy sex in a way they never will.