Tropical beauty…

I just returned from a small trip to a wonderful place, a tropical place of sunny skies, warm beaches, turquoise oceans, swaying palm trees, and countless beautiful women. I felt I was in paradise. Now, as I return to a more normal life of daily labors, my mind is filled with the delightful images and memories of sensuous beauty. Does anyone ever notice how the mind continues to be absorbed in the world that the body had just inhabited, even though we may have left that environment? It takes a day or two to readjust from different surroundings.

There was a great deal of sexual freedom in my travels. The places I visited were much more open to sexual diversity and erotic explorations than the more stolid worlds of the old Northeastern US. I found this liberating. It sometimes amazes me how different certain areas of the United States are. The tropics in particular are conducive to sexual freedom and open sensuality. Female beauty and the tropics are a perfect mix.

Feminine beauty is the intoxicating elixir of the male mind. It was nice to be in area where beautiful women abounded. Every restaurant, every bar, every small little store, seemed to have its fill of wonderfully lovely beauties. Warm sunshine and tropical breezes seem to ensure a sense of loveliness.

There was one waitress at a nice happy hour lounge I attended…she was hot, a bit older but experienced. I felt the attraction and after a few pina coladas and some flirting, we eventually got together later that night. Her bedroom skills were even more delightful. Spending the night with a woman who is experienced, who loves to fuck, who is not inhibited sexually and who desires to experience the most intense pleasures two people can share, is always a worthwhile endeavor. I have often sung the praises of older women and one of the praises I have sung is their lessened sense of shame and modesty. Younger girls may have the bodies, yes, but they are often basket cases of insecurities and silly psychological shit tests. Often the effort you put into bedding them is not worth the return sexually. They tend to be worried about their reputations, unhappy with their bodies, afraid to experiment, and just plain inexperienced. Most are still trapped in the silly fantasy of a future monogamy with that special “one” that Western society is unfortunately still advocating. But a woman over thirty, who has perhaps been married, has fucked different guys, who knows her body and is unafraid to explore, who is not worried about what all her friends may think or how her present behaviors may effect her future prospects of the happy, idealized marriage, and who is attractive to boot, can be an incredibly intense sexual partner. They love and know how to fuck. And they are mature enough to understand the realities of life and relationships. And, to quote Ben Franklin on the pleasures of older women, “they are so grateful.”

More tropical pleasures….

We fucked all night long in this land of exotic pleasures, this world of sexual freedom. We both came many times. And when the sun rose the next morning and the palm trees began to once again display their soft green luxuriousness, we fucked some more. It was a lovely time. Oh yes, I love this land of endless pleasures and beautiful women. I love the sensuality of the tropics.