Avatar. James Cameron should stick to movies that appeal to teenage girls, like Titanic, and not try to make social or political statements with his films. They just come out as silly and stupid.

I just happened to see the movie Avatar, directed by James Cameron, recently for the first time. My reaction? I wanted to throw up. This film was so predictable in its rigid left wing ideology: white man=evil; civilization=evil; peace loving, nature worshiping primitive natives=good. The parallels to American Indians, or any other indigenous culture that had the misfortune to be overrun by the evil white man and his civilization is obvious. It was the worst kind of preachy morality tale that the left can produce. In what seems to be a sort of magnum opus of his admittedly good film career, Cameron produced a conflation of Dances with Wolves, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Titanic. I even found the special effects a bit irritating. Yes, the background scenes are lush, but the figures look like glorified cartoon characters. I also found the dialogue and acting, if you want to call it that, simply insipid. As a piece of fantasy entertainment it is good, but that is all I found worthy in the film. But what I hated the most was the obvious, preachy morality.

I hate it when Hollywood directors get religion, especially left wing religion.

Unlike those who desire a return to some sort of tribal primitivism, which this movie glorifies, I prefer to live in a civilized world, a world with running water, sanitation, paved roads, institutions, fine art and architecture, literacy, education and learning, a world where reason, science and technology and not superstition are the primary engines of social advancement. If these people who produce these movies are so infatuated with primitive tribal cultures, why don’t they move out of their massive, completely technologically up to date mansions, and live in a fucking tepee, without any of the conveniences of modern life, such a toilet paper. Yeah, wiping your ass with your hand instead of toilet paper, as many primitive cultures do, would be a great way to get back to a more simple, nature centered existence. Me, I prefer to flush my shit down a toilet where it will be processed in a waste treatment plant. I like things clean.

This is the one thing I despise about the left: their disdain and hatred for Western Civilization, their wet dreams about the noble savage, the savage who lived in a pure, golden age before the advent of the white man. They make a film which is morality play about the destruction of the natural habitat, and yet their films are a result of the very resources created through mining and exploration. If the West had not advanced as it did over the past five hundred years, James Cameron would never have even had the tools, technology, and opportunity to make his very lucrative movies.

Now, I am all for the preservation of natural habitats, endangered wild life, and treating other peoples and cultures with respect. I believe in those things. But Avatar just seems to be another movie where I am supposed to feel guilty about the history of the West, guilty about being white. Well, I don’t. Not only do I not feel guilty, but I make no bones about the pride I feel in the accomplishments of the greatest civilization ever, Western Civilization, and that I am racially and culturally a part of that civilization. For all those people who feel jealously at our accomplishments, too bad. Instead of bitching about how bad the white man is, why don’t you get off your asses and start accomplishing something, that is, if you can.