Discipline is good...

A woman needs to be dominated, to be shown the art of submission. Dominance is an art that needs to be learned, practiced and cultivated. And once you have learned this art, there are fewer things that will bring pleasure to a woman than asserting your sexual dominance over her. Notice I am not talking about relationship dominance, but rather the art of pure sexual dominance. CL and 7man (Curmudgeon Loners: see blogroll) talk well about the art of beneficent dominance within a relationship; I would rather focus on the art of visceral dominance within the bedroom. There is no morality to my pursuit of dominance, except what might bring the greatest pleasure within the sexual experience. However, that is not say there is not a correlation between the pursuit of dominance and religion.

As far as religion, there is a certain element of Catholicism which is conducive to sadomasochism. The Catholic Church is very good at instilling a sense of sin, guilt, and shame in those who violate her laws. If you are bad, you are to be punished unless you repent; even then, if you do repent of your bad behavior, penance must be exacted as the price for a new found purity. This prepares the psyche to be led into the world of dominance, of the mixing of pain and pleasure in the pursuit of sexual joys. Self flagellation is an old Catholic practice. I believe most Catholic women are ripe to be seduced into a such a pleasurable practices. After all, as I just mentioned, the idea of female submission, of obeying authority, of wallowing in shame and guilt for your sins, and then seeking some sort of expiation for those sins, preferably with a healthy degree of corporeal punishment and physical pain, all have prepared the devout female Catholic mind to be lead into the world of dominance and submission, even sadomasochism. The fact that so many women engage in self cutting and other strange, corporeal punishments, such as eating disorders, lends them to some of the more severe forms of discipline. Add to this the silly idealization and pedestaling of women by beta men, and that women in the Church are longing for good and traditional masculine virility, the type of virility which does not hesitate to enjoy and pursue sexually, and it begins to become clear that it would not take much to set ablaze this vast kindling of frustrated female sexuality. There are so many bitchy, prudish, devout women out there, you know that they are not getting what they need from their overly pious husbands. We see many of these women in the comment sections of many blogs, interfering with the discussion, denouncing others, prancing around with a prissy moral preening that is all but intolerable. CL has a good post about this. http://curmudgeonloner.wordpress.com/2012/04/12/unfounded-accusations/

This is what happens when a girl gets too bitchy...and a sure remedy.

These women clearly need to get laid more often, or at least be introduced into the darker and more forbidden aspects of sexual domination. Most likely they are married to beta men. Religious women are no different than other women, and all women enjoy being involved at one time in their lives in some sort of secret, sultry sexual affair, because all women want to know that they possess the power to turn a man into a sexual animal who wants them no matter what. I would say this is even truer for the religiously minded, who have to lead public lives of moral purity, while suppressing their more sinful desires and fantasies.

I often wonder what is the relationship between religion and sexual dominance. It is a question I have no answer for. Often I have found religion creates a strange dichotomy in certain people: the public persona of purity and holiness, the private person of extreme sexual desires and pursuits. This is not limited to the clerics, but infects also many people who are filled with both spiritual and sexual desires. So many religions seem to have this doctrine of physical and religious purity, where the body is something bad, inhibiting the spirit, which can only be truly liberated once the body has been purged of all carnal desires, the sexual desires being the most odious and dangerous. This denial of sexual desire often leads then to the more extreme pursuits of sexual pleasure.

I love the strange contradictions of life...

I search and wonder, where is the religion and spirituality that embraces sexual desire and pleasure as something good, as something not evil and part of our “fallen” world, as something belonging to light rather than darkness. Is there a spirituality that embraces sexual pleasure as a good in itself, and a good that can be enjoyed not simply in the bonds of marriage, but outside of marriage as well? Or are all religions distrustful of sexual desire and pleasure as being too much in conflict with the spiritual world?

In the art of dominance, handcuffs can be fun too...

I do not know. Perhaps that is a topic for a different post. But what I do know is ripping a girl’s panties off and spanking her is a good way to experience a different kind of physical and spiritual pleasure, as well as tying her up, using handcuffs, and whatever else is needed to practice the fine art of sexual dominance. Whatever the case, in the ethereal and physical worlds of spirituality and sexuality there are many ways to achieve both bodily pleasure and spiritual union with the Divine.