I agree with Clint Eastwood whole heartily here. I don’t give a fuck about gay marriage. As far as I am concerned, people should be free to live their lives as fully as possible. One of the things I find most distressing about so many Christians is there raw hatred for homosexuals (i.e., Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council). Supposedly they are protecting the “sanctity” of marriage, but that is really most often just a front for their fear of gay people or, for the most vociferous advocates of homo hatred, a fear of their own latent and repressed sexuality.

Remember: a golden rule is that men who rail against sexual vice are often themselves hiding their own sexual “deviancy” from themselves and others. The more fanatic the crusade, the deeper the secret to be hidden.

Clint Eastwood is an old fashioned libertarian type of conservative, a rare and dying breed these days in the face of the totalitarian religious fanaticism which has gained such power among the right.