I love a slut…especially when she gets out of hand and needs to be firmly disciplined.

With the rise of the American Taliban, (Rick Santorum, Rush Limbaugh, Tony Perkins, Virginia Gov. Bob “Transvag” McDonnell and others), and the recent bandying about of the term “slut” to describe women who enjoy sex, let me once again say, unequivocally, that I love sluts. Yes, I love the slut. I have said this before: https://theracerx.wordpress.com/2010/12/19/i-love-slutty-women/, but I need to say it again.

I love sluts!!!

How do I define “slut”: a girl who loves to fuck, is not afraid to fuck, and who is not afraid to experience as much sex with as many people as possible. She has no moral qualms about her love of fucking. As someone who loves the pleasures of sex, who loves giving and receiving sexual pleasure, endless and intense, I fully support the right of any woman to enjoy as much sex as me. As a matter of fact, it would be impossible for me to pursue my desires of bedding as many women as possible if sluts did not exist. I love sluts, because sluts, like me, love and want as much sex as possible. There are those of us in this world who enjoy lots of sex, who desire lots of sex, and who don’t necessarily want all that sex to be with one person for the rest of our lives. This includes women also.

What too many people, both men and women, cannot accept, or understand, is that women, many women, enjoy sexual variety too. This is usually thought of to be the domain of the male, but the dirty little secret out there that no one wants to admit is that a great number of women enjoy multiple partners too. And yet these women are shamed, not only by men but by their sisters as well, as being “sluts”. As someone who believes in liberty and equality, I find this quite unfair. If a woman wants to act on her sexual desires, she should be free to do so, just as I should be free to bed as many women as possible.

I love sharing delightful pleasures with a highly sexual woman…

For me, life would not be as enjoyable as it is without sluts. I cannot imagine living in a world of tense, sexually repressed females, locked away in their homes by their fathers or husbands without any hope of enjoying and experiencing the pleasures of love. This is certainly the case in many countries today. Often these women are murdered if their families feel they have dishonored them for being free sexual creatures. If the American Taliban had its way, it would be the case here. The recent legislation in many states regrading contraception and abortion are in many way forms of political slut shaming.

The slut is beautiful. She is similar to me in that she wants sex and lots of sex. She is not afraid to enjoy sexual pleasure. She loves to fuck and fuck often. The slut is better in bed than the prude, timid creature of restrained and culturally proper female sexuality. The slut would not deny her lover sex as a form of punishment, as so many harpy housewives do, because she herself is in need of constant sexual pleasure. As a man I need sluts, because sluts need me. There are few things worse for a man than to be trapped into a sterile relationship with a frigid, sex manipulating shrew. And for some women, there are few things worse than being stuck in a marriage with a man who does not do it for them sexually. Part of my speciality is helping such women enjoy some degree of sexual pleasure, the sexual pleasure they crave but cannot find with their partners. There are quite a few women out there like this, trust me.

Why should it be an opprobrium for a woman to enjoy as much sex as possible with as many people? I believe in free love. Many, even those in the PUA world, cannot accept the fact of a feral female sexuality. I think many on the manosphere betray a certain degree of hatred and hostility to the realities of female sexuality: they often betray their own sense of betrayal that women are not the pure and virginal vessels they imagine them, or want them, to be. Some, even those of great PUA status, seem to live in a contradictory world of “I want to fuck them, but I can’t believe they are letting me fuck them.” I suppose it is a form of the old Madonna-Whore complex. The sooner men discard this nonsense about women, the happier they will be. This will never happen though, because most men are trapped in a psychological prison of pedestalizing women. Most men are really beta providers. That is fine by me: it means more women out there in need of some sort of clandestine loving.

I can’t enough of such loveliness…

So yes, let me give a toast to the slut. Without her my own life would be much worse, much more boring and frustrating. For men like myself, men who enjoy experiencing as much sexual pleasure with as many women as possible, the slut is a natural friend and ally. Of course, I must always remind everyone to be safe and healthy. A safe and healthy sexuality is essential to enjoyment of sexuality. It is something that must be emphasized on blog like this, a blog which talks openly about the pleasures of sex. But beyond that, I say, and say loudly, how much I love sluts, and how delightful life is with as many sluts as possible.

Long live the slut! We were made for each other.