Quite true...

Almost as much as I love women, I love books.  The digital age is somewhat depressing: the closing of bookstores, the infatuation with everything electronic, the incredibly swift speed at which everything is now transmitted. Of course I enjoy all the benefits of the digital age too. The very fact that I am writing on this blog is proof of that. Still, I hope the book does not disappear.

A book is sort of like a woman. Each has a unique cover, but when opened and explored each one is different and yields different sorts of pleasures. You must put some effort into conquering each one, but the rewards in the end are usually worth the effort. And just as when you have throughly fucked a woman, and enjoyed the intimacies of sexual pleasure with her, so too when you have finished a good book you feel a sense of delight as well as sadness that it is now over. A good book should be read slowly and carefully, each page should be savored, the mind should be lost in a sort of strange intellectual pleasure. In the same way sex should be enjoyed with a woman: savor it, make it last, let your body get lost in the wonders of physical love, the way the mind can get lost in the wonders of intellectual stimulation. The tactile nature of a book can never been replaced by our electronic age, especially the sensuality of old books: the smell, texture, the treasures hidden within. A woman is also a wonderful, tactile delight like nothing else. And the thrill of wandering around a bookstores browsing whatever is at your fingertips is slowly being lost as more and more stores capitulate to the demands of the online world. It is like wandering around a city filled with lovely women. I hope some bookstores remain, and I am sure some will, but they will become rarer and harder to find. Perhaps the only thing more thrilling than being surrounded by beautiful women is to be surrounded by wonderful and accessible books.

A woman is sort of like a book...I feel drawn to it, and want to open and explore what's inside. And I never regret it afterward.

In this digital age, I will always love books first and foremost, no matter how many Kindles or Nooks or online devices are created. Paper and binding and wonderful book covers cannot be reproduced through digital technology. And there is something basic, earthy, about paper, and binding, in the same way there is something so basic about the pleasures of a beautiful woman.