Many women have secret fantasies with such scenarios…

It has been a while since I wrote a special post for one of my blogger girls, but SophiaX is certainly one of my girls that deserves a special post. From what I can cull from her blog, she is quite attractive, with a lovely body, and an exquisitely high sex drive. What few things are hotter than an attractive woman who is both comfortable with and indulgent in her own sexuality? One of the things I like about her blog is that she posts some nice photos of herself, no face shots, which is understandable, but enough body shots to exhibit her beauty for the rest of us to enjoy. She is particularly fond of pretty underwear, which is a favorite of mine. There are few things that make a woman look more feminine than pretty underwear.

Sophia is married. Now this is too bad, since it would deprive the rest of us of enjoying her lovely body and insatiable sexual appetite. However, Racer X would not hesitate to take advantage of an erotic situation with SophiaX if it were to arise. Perhaps she might even enjoy having her husband watch while I fucked her…

Sophia recently posted about a frustrating night with her husband. She wanted to fuck, but he was too tired and wanted to sleep, leaving poor Sophia in a state of sexual frustration. So led me to imagine a certain scenario involving Racer. You see, Racer X is skilled in the art of providing sexual supplements to sexually malnourished wives and girlfriends. I know you are well aware of this, Sophia X, and that you would perhaps like to call me in for some long overdue servicing. A woman as hot as you should never be left in bed at night with unfulfilled sexual urges.

So here is the plan, Sophia. We are going to have to teach your husband a lesson, and make sure that you never again have to go to sleep without having your needs met. Yes, after our special session, your husband will make sure this never happens again.

Here is how we will do it…and so this is a little story about you, SophiaX…

We set up a scenario where I will come over your house. You tell your husband that I am an old relative of yours, and that I am passing through town for the night, and need a place to say. You tell him we are all going to have dinner together, and he agrees, completely unaware as to what our true motives are. When I arrive everything seems innocent enough, and we all enjoy a nice dinner, and afterward prepare for a dessert. You get up, serve us some coffee, and begin massaging your husband’s shoulders.

“How did you like the meal?” You kiss him softly on the cheek. He smiles.

“Oh, it was a good as always.”

“And did you like it, Racer?”, You ask me with a smile.

“Yes, your cooking is quite good. You seem to be good at many things.” We both laugh.

“Yes, but some people are not that good at certain things. Like leaving me unsatisfied. Now, we have a little game for after dinner. Do you want to play it, honey?”

“Sure.” Your husband says while taking a sip from a cup of coffee.

“Well, this a fun little game, but you have to trust me at first, ok, honey. Afterward you will understand just how fun the game is. It is a new kind of game which lots of people play, so you have to trust me.”

He takes another sip of his coffee. “Sure. Sounds exciting!”

You then take a belt and tell your husband to put his hands behind the chair, which he gladly does, and then you proceed to bind his hands with the belt. Then, you take another belt and wrap it around him on the chair, so he is completely and utterly restrained. He laughs, but little does he know what is coming. “I can’t wait to see where this going to lead.”

Then suddenly you slap him across the face. “Now, you are going to learn not to leave me unsatisfied at night. This is where this game is going to lead.”

He looks at you with surprise. “What are you talking about?”

“This”, you say, and with that, you, the lovely Sophia, walk over to me and I kiss you, in front of your husband, who watches in total shock. “What the fuck?” He says.

“Shut up.” You then walk over to him and stuff a dish cloth in his mouth. “You are going to learn your lesson about not satisfying me. Racer X is going to show you how it is done.”

And with that, dear Sophia, you and I begin our fun.

I kiss you again and pull you close to me. “Now, Sophia, I am going to fuck you, and I am going to fuck you well, right in front of your husband. He needs to learn to satisfy you at all times.”

And then, I take you by the hand, and put you on top of the table. I swipe all the dishes off it, and they crash to the ground. Your husband looks horrified. “That’s right,” you say, “watch how a real man pleasures a woman, pussy boy! Afterward your reward will be to pick up all these broken dishes, bitch.”

Your husband tries to respond, but all he manages is a muffled moan through the dishcloth.

And then, Dear Sophia, I begin to go to work on you. At first I kiss you, and your lips are quite soft and delicious, and I want to kiss you more, the more I kiss you. I pull you close to me, embracing you, feeling the warmth of your body against mine. You are quite soft and delightful. You are wearing a pretty dress and I lift it, exposing your pretty panties underneath. As I run my hand down your back and over your ass we kiss, and then you feel my hand between your legs, and the warmth and moisture of your arousal is hardly kept back by your panties. After all those evenings of frustration brought on by your neglectful husband, the feel of strong man’s hand between your legs is most delightful.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Sophia?” I ask as I run my hands down the back of your ass.

“Oh yes, please. I need to be fucked well now.”

“Well then, we need to get rid of these.” And with that, I rip your panties off, tearing them. You sigh, and as you do so, I lift up your dress to expose your breasts, which I then kiss. Your breasts are lovely, soft and round, with pretty nipples, and I enjoy lavishing lots of attention on them, kissing and sucking and biting each nipple until they are moist and hard. You run your fingers through my hair and pull me close to you as I enjoy the pleasures of your soft chest.

But I want more…so I sit you on the table, and then I kiss you further down, to your stomach, and down lower, until I finally come to your most delicious region. When you feel my tongue gently graze over your now swollen and sensitive clitoris, you moan and gasp with pleasure and I feel your body shudder before me. Your lovely vagina is soaked and the your juices cover my lips and mouth as I taste you. When I enter you with a finger your moan louder, and you moan even louder when I insert a second finger in you, and you to start to lose yourself in the deepest pleasure as I pump you and massage the upper wall of your vagina with my fingers while licking your clitoris.

Racer X loves giving endless sexual pleasure to a woman…

Then suddenly I turn you around and bend you over the table. We hardly notice that your husband is struggling in his chair, his muffled cries barely audible beneath your moans and sighs, but we are aware that he is now suffering his deserved punishment for not pleasuring you that night.

“Now, dear Sophia, you are going to experience even deeper pleasures….” I then kneel down behind you, as you are bent over the table, and I begin to kiss your lovely ass. “You have such a pretty ass, Sophia”. You enjoy the sensation of my kisses on your soft cheeks, and when you feel my tongue on your asshole, licking you in gentle circles, while I finger your pussy, you almost cannot take it. When you feel my finger gently enter your ass you nearly orgasm…

“Please, Racer, fuck me. Please. I need it, and he needs to be punished.”

“Of course, my dear.” And so, without any more delay, I get behind you, and you can feel the head of my cock teasing your moist labia, and then you feel me slowly but firmly enter you. You grab on to the end of the table as I begin slowly moving in and out of you.  “I have been wanting to fuck you all night, Sophia. It was hard to eat while having you so close to me.”

“Oh god, yes…” you moan. I pump you, slowly but firmly at first, but soon I increase the tempo, and within a short time I am pounding you from behind, while you hold onto the table tightly, not only to brace yourself, but also to make sure the table does not topple over from our vigorous fucking. Your husband has stopped his fruitless protests, and now he is simply watching us, resigned to his fate as a passive observer. “Oh god, you are so fucking huge, Racer,” you scream as you feel my big cock deep inside you, filling you up completely.

“This is how you need to treat your wife when she is horny.” I say to your husband as I grab your hair and pump you even harder. “She needs to be fucked hard and fucked often.”

“Fuck yeah,” you moan between panting and gasping. “Fuck me, Racer, fuck me harder. Please. I need to be fucked right now.”

And fuck you I do. Soon I am pounding and pumping your pussy with a vigor and violence that you have never felt before, and your body becomes all hot and sweaty as your screams of pleasure become more and more intense. You love how I slap your ass, grab your hair, run my hands over your skins, put my fingers in your mouth, hold on to your hips, all in the service of giving you the best fuck you have had in quite a while. I look over to your husband. “Don’t take this personally. Think of me as a sex surrogate.”

“Oh yes, Racer, yes, oh fuck me, fuck me harder…”

I am now pounding you with an intensity you have never felt before. Breathing heavily, I say to you, “Well, Sophia, I think your husband is now enjoying this.” You look over with your glassy eyes, and you notice the bulge in his pants, as he watches me fuck you.

“Oh, I love that.” You look at him. “Perhaps you will get a reward later on if you learn something tonight, dear.”

Finally, after a good long and sweaty fuck, your hotness is too much for me, and I cannot take it anymore, and I pull my cock out of you, and shoot a warm load of cum all over your hot ass. You love the amount and how it feels on your soft skin. Breathing heavily, you collapse on the table for a few moments. “Oh god, that was so good, Racer. Mmmmm….thank you.”

“Your welcome, dear. Now, perhaps you might want to reward your husband, after his punishment.”

“Yes, I think you are right.” And with that, you walk over to him, kneel in front of him, and while he is still bound and gagged, unzip his pants and release his hard cock. Then you take him in your mouth and begin pleasuring him, but only up to a certain point. Once he is completely aroused, and ready to cum, you stand up and walk back over to me. “Now, bitch, you will know what it feels like to be sexually frustrated.” You leave him sitting there in complete sexual frustration, his cock helplessly crying out for attention, while you bend down in front of me and take my still hard cock in your mouth. You look at him while you lick the head of my penis. “I know Racer can cum multiple times, so this night of your punishment as just begun, dear. I told you you need to be patient.”

I like to live on the edge sexually…

And indeed, that was only the beginning of a incredible night of pleasure for the both of us, and good learning experience for your husband…