A bit of loveliness for tonight. I like beautiful things. Beautiful women are a particular delight. I sometimes wonder why feminine beauty has such a powerful hold over us men, particularly me, but it does. What many of the prudish moral types don’t seem to understand, is that an appreciation of female loveliness, a deep attraction to beauty, does not necessarily mean falling into base lust. Too often people assume loving beauty is somehow the same as lacking self control in the sexual realm. Or, they assume that by enjoying the beauty of another, you are using that person, turning that person into nothing more than a fleshly object without any interior worth. Well, and I can only speak for myself, that has never been the case with me. I enjoy beauty simply for what it is, beauty, a thing that can fill my mind and soul with great joys and pleasures. And further, most women want to be seen as beautiful. No, I never loose an opportunity to enjoy the vision of female beauty. In many ways, enjoying beautiful women without the ulterior goal of trying to bed them can be a liberating experience. If sex comes, fine; if not, well the enjoyment of beauty is free, uplifting, and makes the world a brighter place.