I love disciplining a woman.

My dear and lovely—,

A woman needs to be submissive. Women crave a strong man. What most men don’t understand, is that most woman crave a primal, visceral fuck. I can imagine you, my dear, crave a strong man. Does your boyfriend not do it for you? Does your husband no longer stimulate you? Do you have contempt for his frightened, fawning worship of you? I know how it is. I have heard this from my many lovers. They love to complain about their boring boyfriends and husbands to me. He cannot say or do anything without looking at you for approval. He fears your every move, your every word, your every silly little emotional outburst, all calculated by you to see just how much you can get away with. You see the fear in his eyes when he looks at you, like some frightened little boy wanting to please his mother, and when you see that fear, the weakness in his eyes, you despise him. When he fucks you, with his big belly, soft man boobs, and tiny penis, you long for the feeling of a true man, a real man of strength and power and danger.

Yes, my dear, your life is quite acceptable by social standards: you have your house, your car, your stable relationship, your boring and tedious job, and perhaps you even have your children, whom you do truly love, but something is still missing. You miss the thrill of danger, the rush of the forbidden, the spark of the imagination. You once had these things in your life, as you were free to be fucked by all sorts of men, whenever and wherever you desired, but now you no longer have that. No, now you have a rather mundane and predictable life, a life of sex few times a month with a man who gets on top of you and slobbers all over you and you wish it were over as soon as it starts, a man for whom you must lube up your dry pussy with k-y just to allow his limpid penis to enter you. When he is done and rolls over and falls asleep and keeps you awake half the night with his disgusting snoring, you think you might actually hate him and that imprisonment in which you now live. Yes, you once thought you loved this man, and perhaps you once did, but now, after the natural cycle of some years has passed, you feel something strange within you, a longing for something more, and that strange thing that you long for is the ancient call of nature for you to be inseminated with different sperm, so you can help contribute to the genetic diversity of the species. It is the call of nature and all women feel it at one time or another.

And this is where you crave, seek, and are overcome by the dominant man, the man who wants to dominate you, and treat you like the bitchy, fickle little brat that you are.

There are many forms of discipline when a woman gets bitchy…

This is where Racer X and men like him comes in…

Yes, my dear, I will dominate you. All I want to do is fuck you, without expectations, without ties, without the societal chains that bind you in a standard relationship. This is my specialty. Men such as myself are not common. We are the men who have spurned marriage, family and all the shackles of that life to live in perfect freedom, to pursue the delights of sexual variety with as many women as possible in our lives. We want to live in freedom, without hypocrisy, enjoying the world of sexuality openly and without secret. Most men are incapable of these things. Most men need to be part of a family, to be accepted by society, to live by the normal rules of behavior. And most women, even though they marry them, find most of these men boring. And a bored woman is a woman eventually ripe for seduction.

Men such as myself do not spurn love; no, we rejoice in the power of love. We are the great romantics. What we spurn are the traditional shackles of marriage. We cannot be caged. A man who recognizes that early on, admits it, and avoids the mistake of a marital prison will be happier in the long run. Many of the great men have actually been this way: artists, writers, musicians, generals, explorers, statesmen, and others, the men who build, create and discover things, and we see in their lives a contempt for the mundane and a love of the unusual and exotic. Even when married, they enjoyed the pleasures of affairs. Why? Because one woman was not enough. Their mistake was only to be married to a woman who did not understand this. If so, they often led secret lives, and, when discovered, suffered some sort of disgrace.

The artist’s studio is often a place of sexual pleasures and exploration…and women respond to such situations.

Not me. No. I love finding the woman who craves danger and freedom. Most do. I believe in honesty. Admitting that one woman is never enough, needing to spread your seed among as many as possible, so to speak; giving pleasure to as many as you can, and being free to pursue this, is a better way of life than being the man trapped in a loveless marriage with a controlling wife who does not understand your sexuality and only seeks to make you miserable. This is not to say that many men are not happy in their marriages, they are; but men such as myself were not meant to be constrained by such forces. Know thyself, as Socrates used to say.

Women seek and are attracted to masculine strength, the way men are attracted to and seek feminine softness. And dominance is one of the most pure and distilled form of masculine strength. The woman wants to be controlled in bed. She wants to be tied up and fucked mercilessly, to feel her entire being filled with the power of a true man. Yes, spank her hot ass, fuck her brains out, show her what true desire and passion is, let her feel those things she has not felt in a long time, perhaps ever, only let her feel something, and she will come back for more, her pussy drenched and hungry to be filled, her skin tingling with the anticipation of your firm hand. Show her danger and delight. Let her imagine what the next fuck session will be like. As a man, do not reveal too much of yourself though; you must remain a mystery, a powerful drug for most women. Power, dominance, mystery, sexual passion, these are the things that penetrate to the innermost core of the feminine being, that touch her in ways that few other things can.

Women crave a strong, dominant man

I love sexual variety. I need more than one woman. Each woman is different, each one feels different, some moan, some scream, others are quiet when you fuck them, but all enjoy the delights of sexual pleasure. Helping a woman discover her sexual desires, to feel sexual passion for the first time, is a delight. Firmly taming a bitchy woman into submission is an even greater delight.

And so now, my dear, I shall move on to the love of disciplining you. A woman needs to be disciplined. Her ass needs to be spanked. She needs to feel a bit of pain. She needs to be tied up and fucked and told she is a little slut, at least every now and then. The next day she will love her man all the more for it. When you pound her with your hard cock, she will scream in pleasure, in the pleasure of knowing she is being fucked by a man who is a man and a free man that she cannot control in the way she controls others. And that is a challenge to her. And women love a sexual challenge. Women always love and get wet for the man they cannot have.

So many woman to give pleasure to, so little time…

But now I must get to work. At the moment I have a woman waiting in my bed to be fucked by me; she is eager and whining and I have to teach her the art of sexual patience and anticipation, so I must continue this letter to you another time….