I like posting nudes because 1) I like nudes, 2) nudity really pisses of the religious fundies, 3) I like nudes, 4) erotica makes religious fanatics uncomfortable, 5) it is an act of freedom to be able to post erotica, 6) I like nudes, 7)sexually repressed religious types think all nudes are "porn" and evil and from the devil himself and should be eliminated from the face of the earth, along with the people who produce them, blah, blah, blah... Oh, and she has quite a lovely and luxuriant bush too...

The following article is a good example of why the religious fanatics are so dangerous, whether Christian or Muslim:


Recently in Uganda, which is a majority Christian country, a bill was debated on whether to pass a law that allows homosexuals to be executed. We think this sort of thing is usually reserved for Muslim countries, but we see what can happen in a Christian country as well.

Apparently this potential law gave a lot of conservative Christians in this country a hard-on, so they went to Uganda to support the measures, or at least try to convert gay Uganda’s away from their sinful lifestyle to a more pure Christian life style.

One of those individuals, Peter Waldron, is (at least when this article was written) a staff member for Michele Bachmann’s campaign. Waldron is friends with a certain Ugandan minister named Martin Ssempa, one of the chief supporters of this bill that would both criminalize homosexuality and allow for homosexuals to be executed under certain conditions.

Waldron and Seempa are buddies. The reporter of the article says, “”The Sunday I attended Ssempa’s church, after he finished his sermon, the pastor told his audience that he had a special guest to introduce, a visitor from the United States. All eyes fixed on a stocky white man with a thick moustache, who wore a gray safari suit. He introduced himself as Dr. Peter Waldron, of Wyoming.”

The article also goes on to describe Seempa’s methods of combating homosexuality: “He preaches that gay people “eat poop” and shows gay pornography in his church to disgust and inflame his followers.”

If this is the kind of gay porn Seempa shows at his church, I may have to join.

So Seempa shows…gay porn!!! And he shows it to his holy congregation. This is so laughable as to not even be funny. Well, you know for sure this guy is himself a closet homo if he is showing gay porn to his fellow Christians.

But Seempa has many friends here in this country who are sympathetic to the idea of executing homosexuals for being gay. The article continues: “He’s no stranger to American evangelicals—Rick Warren has hosted Ssempa many times at his Saddleback Church in Southern California. As MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has repeatedly demonstrated, Uganda is sort of a playground for right-wing American Christianist politicians, who view it as a laboratory of sorts for theocratic policy initiatives. Sen. James Inhofe is a frequent visitor.”

As I have written before, and what I am becoming more and more convinced of, religious fundamentalism is the most dangerous thing in the world today. Both Christians and Muslims practice it. That any Christian in this country, or anywhere, could defend anyone who wants to kill others simply because they are homosexuals, is a dangerous person. And yet Michele Bachmann has her followers, people who will vote for her. Her husband, a psychologists, has a practice where he tries to “convert” homosexuals back into a straight life style, and one of her staffers, Waldron, is a religious fundamentalist nut job. The recent Value Voter’s Summit, at which all the Republican candidates participated, was in part organized by people who openly advocate the criminalization of homosexuality in this country. And you thought this could only happen in Uganda? Perhaps you might say, “So what, I am not gay, so who cares.” No, after they got done with eliminating the homos, trust me, they would come after you for whatever moral impurity they deem you to have committed. Fanaticism and fundamentalism knows no bounds.

So I wonder what all those homophobic Christian men think of girl on girl porn? Or lesbos in general. I bet, like most men, they enjoy watching. I wish I were that girl's hand.

If they ever attained enough political power in this country, the religious fundamentalists would impose a theocracy, all in the name of family values, and they would not hesitate to jail or even kill those who they deem morally impure. This article is more evidence of that.

If you think I am overreacting, remember, it has happened before. Much of the history of Christianity is sadly one of one group of Christians persecuting or killing other groups of Christians, or unbelievers. As this article shows, this phenomenon is still alive, to various degrees, in different parts of the world, including our own country. History teaches us that nothing really ever changes.

Be vigilant.