I like sunny and warm places with lots of beautiful women.

What better way to welcome in a new month than with a bit of beauty. As Winter approaches, with all its cold, cloudy and icy dreariness, I will need more and more beauty to keep my spirits up. During these increasingly cold and dark months of the year, I like to think of tropical places, with lots of sun, happy colors, exotic sensuality, and lose morals. Oh yes, and lots of beautiful women always help. Yes, hot and sweaty fucking with beautiful women in exotic, tropical places is one way to help cure the winter doldrums…or at least just fantasizing about it.

The Nineteenth century French impressionist artist Paul Gauguin understood the allure of the tropics. He fled France for Polynesia, and spent some time there enjoying the different culture and environment. This included their women. The painting below is from this period of his. I like the colors: he captures the exotic allure of these places for those of us who are living in the cold, Northern Hemisphere. It is lush and pretty, inviting and relaxing.

Painting by Paul Gauguin

And as it apparent, Gauguin enjoyed beautiful women as well.