Sometimes I just enjoy seeing a nice nude. It is sort of like eating a piece of candy, but candy for the eyes. This photo exudes the pleasures of viewing female beauty. It is pure beauty for the sake of beauty. Beauty makes me feel good. As I have often said here, the world is so ugly these days, we need all the beauty we can find. As a man, I always rejoice in feminine beauty. A good nude can be just that, something to rejoice in, an escape from the greyness of the world around us.

Again, I love the all natural look in a girl. And nothing looks more all natural than a wonderful, luxurious GNP. A blond bush is a particularly rare and lovely delight, as it is with this girl. So this, along with the soft lighting, the shadows, her expression, her hair, her curves, her full and natural breasts, lend an overall delicate quality to this photo that captures well the allure of the feminine.

The anti-porn crusaders would say, “Oh my God, she is being exploited! She is naked! How evil and terrible!” And then they would imagine that all viewers of this image are males who are using it for masturbation purposes. They would want this image to be wiped off the face of he earth for all eternity, so that we can all live in a morally pure world, a world that is free from all expressions of sexuality outside the strict boundaries of traditional marriage. Sure, nude photos of women are used by men for masturbation purposes, especially when younger. Most porn is merely masturbation material. So what? It is still possible to simply view a nice nude as that, a nice nude, and enjoy the beauty it presents, without it becoming a purely sexual, lust filled exercise. This photo is just that, a lovely representation of the female body, part of God’s creation, the lovely vessel of life as God or nature intended it.

And such depictions of beauty are a joy for me to see.