I find this woman to be amazingly beautiful. I am not sure who it is, it is just one of those images I found somewhere, where, I do not know. Nevertheless, I love this image. Not only is she beautiful, but the photo itself is quite nice, and captures her beauty in unique way. Black and white is always a nice medium for these types of photos. Cool and distant, is seems to convey the chasm that often separates us from what we find beautiful, or what we desire. Eroticism does not necessarily have to be depicted in loud, flaming colors. A quiet eroticism is just as powerful.

But it is her expression, her face, her eyes, her parted lips, her high cheek bones, her lovely full hair, pulled back and gently falling about her smooth neck and delicate shoulders that I find most intoxicating. I could gaze on this beauty for hours and never get bored. It is a beautiful photo of a beautiful woman.

I thank God daily for beautiful women!