by Malcom T. Liepke

I like this. As I was saying in my post yesterday, when a girl dresses a bit more modestly, I always wonder what she has on underneath. When I see a girl in skirt, but a skirt that is not too revealing, it makes me wonder and imagine other things. This painting captures something of that wonder, at least for me. This piece shows how painting can often capture a certain kind of atmosphere that photography often cannot. A good photographer can of course create a good atmosphere, but unfortunately a lot of porn is lacking in good atmosphere. This painting conveys mystery and enticement. We don’t even see her face, but we can assume she is quite attractive. At least her body is portrayed as attractive. It is all so simple, nothing fancy: a blue blouse, black skirt, white panties, and lovely legs. There is nothing too explicit here, not even any nudity, yet it portrays the powerful allure of sexuality in a way that is primal, yet still civilized.

It also stirs my imagination as well as my memories. It reminds of those delightful moments when I have been on a couch with a girl who was wearing a skirt, making out with her, and running my hands up her legs and up under the skirt and over her moist panties; or how I love to kneel in front of a woman and lift her skirt up and kiss her through her panties; or all the woman I would love to do that to…

Good art is always a pleasure to see.