Another nice drawing by Milo Manara

Thanks to a link left in my previous post’s comment section, , I have learned that the art work in my previous post was by one Milo Manara, an Italian comic book artist and writer born in 1945 who has been creating good erotic art for many decades now. He is also considered one of the best comic book artists alive. I remember being in Italy once and seeing a number of erotic comic books at a newsstand, which seemed strange to me at the time, seeing that we do not have such a comparable industry so openly displayed in the U.S. I have never thought about that much since then, but after learning of this artist, it all makes sense. Leave it once again to the Italians to appreciate good erotic art. It has been going on with them since the Renaissance (although apparently Milo is more appreciated in France than in Italy for his comic book skills). The above illustration is another one of his works. I find it quite well done: sexual, sensual, erotic and down right hot. It brings back many delicious memories for me as well as the present desires with different women in my life right now…

I find this fascinating. As far as art in general, there are many fine artists, artists of great talent, who are working in mediums that others may consider less high brow and serious than traditional artistic mediums. For instance, the illustrations for comic books, magazines, and, in the past, pulp novels, are often created by some very fine artists. In a previous post of mine on the male genre of pulp fiction, I write about how I was initially attracted to many of these magazines, when I found them online, through the art work. If people think that somehow magazine artists are somehow inferior to more traditional canvass artists, I think the popularity and growing appreciation of someone like Norman Rockwell, and his influence on American self perception, should help put that myth to rest. These are good artist, just working in slightly different medium. Of course most artists tend to work in both mediums, but the magazine and novel art that is created needs to be acknowledged and appreciated critically more than it is. It is good stuff.

The above mentioned blogger has a nice blog with lots of eclectic erotic art. I suggest those interested in good erotic art visit it.

I am trying to learn more about what erotic art is out there, so anyone who has more information about all this, please, pass it along my way…not only for the information, but also for the pleasure of viewing.