In the midst of all this writing about art and the beauties of art, especially erotic art and photography, let me reiterate one of my favorite pastimes: spanking. I love to spank a girl. When a girl gets bitchy, and all girls get bitchy, the best solution is a good spanking, followed by a good fuck. That will usually do the trick. Spanking is also usually a good way to impose dominance, especially sexual dominance in bed.

A woman’s ass is one of my favorite items. I am definitely more of an ass man than a breast man. As far as beauty, a nice ass on a woman is pretty much unbeatable. I love playing with and pleasuring a woman’s ass. Women love it too. They may be shocked at first, but when they feel your tongue caressing their most secret places, they usually go wild with delight.

And as far as the artistic merit of the photo above, I believe it has some. As a matter of fact, I will be posting some examples of what I would consider good, tasteful, yet still explicit paintings, drawings and photography. They are graphic, and would be considered “porn” by some, but I still think they possess some, if not a lot, of artistic merit.  For instance, you can sense the talent of the photographer in the photo above. He captures an enticing and erotic moment, vividly and darkly, and yet leaves us wondering about what we just saw. I like the play of light and darkness, her white panties contrasted with her dark stockings, the instrument of punishment, a paddle, barely discernible in her dom’s hand. And her ass is most lovely. Her position of submission, kneeling in front of him, ready and most likely eager to accept her fate, is worthy of Michelle Bachmann. But we don’t see much really, and we are left wondering what the background is, who these people are, and what will be the final outcome of her submission to his will. At least I was wondering this and so my imagination was stimulated. And that in itself is always pleasurable.