Just a little something pleasant to look at.

I think black and white photos are interesting for erotica. They seem to add a certain coolness to what is essentially a somewhat heated medium.  I need to find more of these older type of nudes: well done, sensual, clear, yet still possessing something of the mystery of sexuality and sexual attraction.  This has an all natural, down to earth quality that I enjoy in nudes.  The black and white gives it an almost classic, restrained feel, which is a nice contrast to what is essentially an erotic image.  And of course it possesses a certain type of beauty.

As this photo shows, there are good nudes out there, that can be sexual, sensual and erotic without being crass or sleazy or absurdly graphic. These are the type of nudes that seem to have, at least for me, artistic merit.

How I love beauty and beautiful women!