Beauty can be such a sensuous, wonderful thing. I love beauty. I love beautiful things. The nexus of beauty and eroticism is also intoxicating for me. All around us we are surrounded by beauty, but feminine beauty is perhaps the most powerful, but also the most rare.

One thing I despise are the neo-Puritans, or the lingering Puritanical elements in our own society. The madness on college campuses regarding official sexual rules, as demonstrated in an article I found on Ferd’s other site, In Bona Fide, is another manifestation of that. Sexual fanaticism exists both on the right and on the left and they are both cut from the same cloth: human sexuality must be molded to fit a preexisting ideology of sexual purity, whether religious or secular. But it is all the same, a stern, harsh, dogmatic view of sensuality and sexuality, whether it is a Bible thumping preacher, or a humorless feminist. I equally despite both.

For us, nudity can be such a terrible thing. We are schizophrenic in this, sometimes enjoying the vision of the human nude, and sometimes prohibiting it. Good artistic nudes, even those displayed in such publications as Playboy or Penthouse, are considered porn. They are considered evil and degenerate. Religious people crusade against them. The argument, among other things, is that they will lead to worse forms of porn for the viewer. Perhaps this is true for some. Feminists hate them as well because they consider them “demeaning” to women. For me, a good erotic photo is art. A well depicted human form, whether in a photo, painting, or sculpture, even if it conveys a certain degree of eroticism, has the power to be ennobling. I have always enjoyed the vision of a beautiful nude. It gives me pleasure to see. Nor has it lead to more “hard core” forms of porn. Nope, a lifetime of appreciating beautiful female nudes has not lead to more and more bizarre forms of eroticism, such as bestiality or even worse things. Rather, seeing good nudes has actually helped me discriminate between good and poor erotic photos. I developed a certain taste that I like in a good nude. Most porn out there is trash, but there are lots of good erotic photos too, photos done in good taste, if you want to find them.

Depicting beautiful nudes is nothing new. The ancient Greeks did not have a problem with nudity: their cities and society were replete with statues depicting the beauty of the human body, usually male, but nude nevertheless. They performed their Olympic games in the nude. In general, they were more relaxed about artistic depictions of human nudity. The Romans adopted this too, and it was not until the Italian Renaissance, a thousand years after the fall of Rome, that these ideals were once again embraced by a society. Even then they were still controversial, as they are today. To those artists in the Renaissance, beauty was something divine, a spiritual reflection of the world God created.

I often feel the same way. Beauty is a powerful thing, something from the divine, and something I more than enjoy immersing myself in. The photos I post on here, for the most part (I do post some more explicit erotic photos on occasion) I hope convey that sense of erotic beauty, but an erotic beauty which is more than simply carnal, but also spiritual as well, an erotic beauty that somehow reflects something of the divine nature of beauty itself.