I prefer erotic photography to have some kind of artistic value. Of course this is entirely subjective on my part, but I hope the photos I post here are a celebration of female beauty rather than a mere enticement for lust. Not that there is anything wrong with the later, but I enjoy a little taste in my porn. Even though there are literally tens of millions of erotic photos floating around the internet now, it is still relatively rare, at least for me, to find something that encompasses all the qualities that I desire in a good erotic photo. What those qualities are, is hard to define. I suppose there has to be: softness, sensuality, refinement, naturalness, good lighting with shadows, harmony with the background, proportion, a sense of ease and comfort and even enjoyment in the model. Too often the faces of many models look strained or uncomfortable. A celebration of beauty should always be a joyous occasion. A good nude, whether in painting or photography, should  look real, relaxed and natural. I prefer also a natural looking body, with no fake breasts, and of course, my favorite of all, a lovely bush. I like a woman too look like a woman, with curves, softness and all her natural and God given features.

A good photo, nude or otherwise, should capture something of the mystery of life, and there are few things more delightful than the erotic mysteries of life. A good erotic photo should satisfy you, but leave you wanting a bit more, and wondering about what just touched you. It should remind you of the power of eroticism that surrounds us all.

The female body is beautiful and I want to celebrate that beauty. As an object of desire by men, as a thing of remarkable power, both the power it has over men as well as its natural fecundity, the female body can almost be considered something mysterious, even mystical. It has the power to create great works of art among men, and it has the power to create new life on earth.