Enticing, alluring and absolutely lovely...

What is life without beauty? I think we can find spiritual and other types of nourishment through beautiful things.

There other morning I was at the gym and once again I came across one of my favorite items: a hot girl dressed in a hot way. This particular girl was wearing a pair of black shorts and a sort of pink sports bra top–I am not sure what you would call it– but she looked hot nevertheless. What was especially delightful to see were her nipples clearly hard through the fabric of her top. Her body was smooth, creamy white and lithe. With her brunette hair pulled back in ponytail beneath a baseball cap, she had a down to earth, all natural look, and yet beneath this look was clearly a sexual creature. She must have known how alluring she was to all the men that morning. It was hard not to keep my eyes off her, but I did the best I could. I love coming across such unexpected sights of beauty.

I will freely admit his was an instance of lust. Pure and simple. She was hot, and I wanted her sexually. And I felt she was advertising to the entire gym that morning her hotness. She is probably one of those girls who enjoys taking photos of herself and posting them online. I certainly hope she is.  I have no problem with a girl showing her lovely body off; I welcome it.

What makes beauty so special is that it is not all that common. This is why beauty is so intoxicating when we come across it. Nor is beauty merely the province of the physical, no, beauty can be contained in many things, such as within music, or even in purely abstract intellectual ways. I once heard a mathematician say how he found a certain type of beauty in a perfectly form math theorem.

I like to celebrate beauty, not only physical beauty, but spiritual beauty too, and the beauty that is found in art, music, and literature. I still cannot get the quote from the post below out of my mind, “God is beautiful and loves beauty”. Even though I am not a Muslim, I find this one of the most powerful expressions of spiritual beauty I have ever heard. Hey, I will do my part for international, interfaith dialogue to continue to proclaim this thought from Mohammed. I am still trying to think of a similar sentiment from a great Christian writer or thinker. I am sure something similar is out there, but I have yet to find it. Any help on this would be appreciated.

So I think I would like this blog to focus more and more on the beautiful, in all its different aspects, whether erotic beauty, spiritual beauty, physical beauty, artistic beauty or whatever kind of beauty I may come across. Even love is certain type of beauty. This reminds me of a passage I came across recently from St. Paul, Ephesians, 4:5: “Follow the way of love, as Christ loved you”. Again, there is something deeply beautiful about this statement.

So others can deal with the more depressing aspects of politics and culture; I want to focus on the good. In today’s world I think we need this.

And of course I cannot resist posting delightful images of delightfully beautiful female beauties, such as the one above.