Sometimes St. Paul can seem a bit strident, but most people agree on the truth and beauty of this statement.

Faith, hope and love: what is life without these? In the midst of some bleak times, it is often all we have. I can’t imagine my life without them; without them I would probably go completely insane. I know I write a lot of silly posts, frivolous posts on salacious topics, but they mean nothing really, except for some crass entertainment or for some other strange reasons from within myself that I have had a hard time fathoming.

I think I best understand these things through prayer. Physical pleasures are often great, but I have found the spiritual pleasures are far greater. Prayer and faith leaves you with something more than just the physical. The physical passes; the spiritual lasts. Not that there are not moments or times of spiritual desolation, but I find God does not test us beyond our means in this area.

God has a plan and role for us all. What that is, we often do not see or cannot fully understand. But I desire to know more fully what that role for me would be in this world. As I grow as a person, as I learn more, experience more through life, both good and bad, I find the physical less and less appealing, and the spiritual more and more so. By the spiritual, for me that means Christianity, despite my failings and contradictions. I know in the areas of sexuality I often fall short in Christian ethics and teachings; but still, despite my failings, I know in the end I am utterly dependent on God for everything in my life. Even in this area of sexuality, God has brought healing and strength to deal with certain things, a strength I did not have in my life before. I really don’t want to be engaged in casual or promiscuous sex any longer and I am quite content with that. Rather, finding a deep and abiding love would be much better. I would rather have love without sex than sex without love. The tribulations of life helps me to understand these things much, much better.

So faith, hope and love. They are so important to everything. They will lead us closer to God and to each other.