Weiner, verifying his identity to one of his virtual mistresses.

This statement, made by Lisa Weiss, a forty year old blackjack dealer in Las Vegas,  is the essence of the Anthony Weiner scandal. She said this in a March 16, 2011 Facebook exchange with Weiner, an obnoxious dork of a U.S. Congressman who was carrying on a lengthy Facebook affair with her. And apparently there are many other women Weiner had enjoyed the pleasures of phone sex, Facebook sex, Twitter sex, and the various other forms of online libidinousness that is part of our world today. Now Weiner,  if he had simply been an average dude working some dull job somewhere in NY, would never have been able to attract the interest of various women around the country into exchanging photos and sex messages with him. No, the reason these women engaged in these online exploits with a nerd like Weiner was the potential hope each one had that they would somehow become the next Mrs. Anthony Weiner, or at least his mistress, and enjoy the financial and social rewards of being intimate with U.S. Congressman. And if he had become the Mayor of NYC, which, in political terms, is the alpha position of Mayors worldwide, their vaginas would have exploded with insane, power hungry lust. Even just having an affair with a powerful congressmen would have been enough for most. He was often seen on TV, was well known, even hated, had lofty ambitions, and this excited their social climbing needs and desires. It is really a good example of hypergamy at work. Again, this show the power of political power to make the gina tingle. If you want to get laid, become a politician.

Now, as a confessed sexual reprobate myself, I really could care less what these guys do, normally. But these are not average guys. They are political figures, so I can’t help but make a few comments. And laugh. What amazes me about these Congressmen, like Chris Lee, is that they can be so stupid as to not think this stuff would eventually come out. And really, what is it about these politicians posting half naked photos, and now even naked photos of themselves, photos taken in some bathroom mirror somewhere. Again, as I mentioned in my Chris Lee post, they seem more like desperate teenage girls than grown men.

Weiner and Lee: perhaps they should pose for Playgirl mag? Or gay porn?

And to think these are the leaders of our country? Having a traditional affair with a woman is one thing, sending dick shots of yourself to online strangers is quite another. With guys like this in national office, it is no wonder our country is going bankrupt.

I also noticed that a lot of these women in these scandals tend to be not all that attractive, such as the broad Arnold impregnated. Many seem a little trashy. Nor are they angry at Weiner for the sexually explicit messages; rather, like one girl, Megan Broussard, they seem upset now that they realized that Weiner was doing this with other women, and that they no longer felt “special”. Of course the fact that Weiner was doing this with other women only inflames their desires for him even more, because that shows them his alpha status value, a value most want to possess for themselves. But most would never openly admit this simply fact of female sexuality. It is all so funny, especially as  the media portrays these women as being pure, virginal damsels in distress, being preyed upon by some lecherous, manipulative male. As these numerous exchanges show, a lot of chicks out there dig this type of thing. I have no problem with that; we just need to get real about female sexuality. The bottom line for most women is simply this: they want alpha sperm, or at least what they perceive as alpha sperm.

Megan Broussard, one of the girls Weiner was hoping to share his weener with.

I laugh. I can’t help laughing.  What is most funny is that once Weiner resigns from Congress, which he will have to do when the full scope of his Facebook chats come out, most women will immediately lose all interest in him. He will turn into the average dork he always feared he would become, rejected for the most part by those nubile young creatures he now so lusts after, destined to spend his days masturbating to gonzo porn, wistfully remembering the time he had some real sexual power over women.